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Primal Grass-Farmer from New Hampshire

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  • Primal Grass-Farmer from New Hampshire

    Hey all, thought I would finally introduce myself. I am a late 30's farmer who raises grass-fed beef and lamb and pasture-raised heritage breed pork and poultry on the NH Seacoast. Always been health conscious but have had difficulty in the past dealing with the mental, financial and physical stress of farming. I "went" primal on Jan 2, 2012and have lost 34 pounds (204 -> 170) to date. My body composition has totally changed. More importantly, I am happier than I have ever been, have reconnected with old friends, built new relationships, become addicted to surfing and trail running and basically am looking to get my Grok on everyday. I have been fortunate to make a few converts amongst my customer base and have introduced a few folks to MDA but would definitely like to meet more Seacoast and Central NH Paleo/Primal folks and possibly organize some type of Meetup. Let me know your thoughts if you are in the area.



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    Just moved up here last spring. More info on the farm please, if you're on EatWild I missed it. I think a link in your signature line would be permissible. Also bought a surf board but am just letting the waves beat me up at this point. It is finally motivating me to build some muscle which is good. Waves should be good for a week with Sandy. Water is still quite warm. MeetUp in the city (Boston) is hit or miss. Have not checked it out here.
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      Hey Ivy- hope all is well. Thanks for checking in. Yeah, we were out trying to catch some pre-Sandy waves this AM but it was pretty small and choppy. I'll probably be heading out post-storm on Wednesday. As to the farm, I'll send you a PM as my intent is not to advertise but to network with others in the area for motivation and support. Hopefully some other NH/S.ME folks will check in. Be well!


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        Northern, ma here. I need a close-ish source of grass-fed eats!


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          I'd love to know more about what the costs are for your meats, and also if you sell offal, bones etc separately. It's always nice to have more sources for good meat!