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    I'm from Va. I have 2 daughters and 6 grandkids. With the economy getting worse I'm trying to live a healthy, frugal lifestyle. Doesn't seem anything is going to get any better whichever way we vote so I am constantly seeking advice from my online friends on how to "do it cheaper and healthier." Thank you for your time and help.

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    That's offal. Sorry about that, it's just that organ meat is so much cheaper than what are now conventional cuts. I bought pig's liver yesterday. 44pence (62 cents) for 178 grammes (nearly 7oz). I also bought 278 grammes (11oz) of sirloin steak for about $9.40 as a treat. Back to tinned mackerel for tomorrow's lunch.
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      This graph makes a pretty good argument for going primal to take advantage of what food prices are doing in the American economy!

      What America Spends On Groceries : Planet Money : NPR

      Don't forget to account for reduction in medical bills in your food budget! Poke around and you'll see how many people on this forum have been able to wean themselves off medications or avoid being put on doctor-promised medications by eating less conventional foods!


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        Excellent Sarasue!


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          I just got enough liver with 10 bucks to make 16 big servings if all you do is fry it in bacon fat. I paid 12 bucks for 2 large beef hearts. Kidney is cheep but I dont like the taste as well. If you want to go at it cheeper, look at hunting and foraging and growing yer own.

          I have a great way to cook a Groundhog in the slowcooker, will work with Nutria as well or excess local children.

          How is the fishing where you live?
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