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    Bear with me as I am new to using kefir and I've watched all the videos there is on the internet and really want to make this work. My doctors wife gave me water kefir grains and instructions on how they use them. 1/3c grains 1/3c organic brown sugar and up to 1T organic molasses. I was told to rinse my grains as they kept them in the frig to store overage. I used no metal and I only used bottled drinking water. Also told it was okay to use the jar lid to cover even tho I saw on videos everyone use paper, cloth, etc. And then set aside for 48 hours. First batch the grains doubled. I rinsed those and used them again to make another batch. The kefir water was cloudy and it tasted like moldy apples, so I threw out the water, rinse the now tripled grains. This time I made 3 batches. One the same as before, the second with 1/3c organic cane sugar and 1/2T molasses, the 3rd, with just 1/3c cane sugar. This time I put a paper towel and rubber band on the jars. What exactly is a good batch suppose to taste like and why did it taste like moldy apples? What did I do wrong?
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