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  • Hello from NW Ohio!

    Iím a 40 year old male. I had been living a carefree life eating complete garbage. I spend about 12 hours a day sitting on my butt getting absolutely no exercise at work. Then 2.5 hours in drive time. I was eating fast food, highly processed foods(hamburger helper) etc for every single meal. I was drinking 4 gallons of milk a week!!! I would get huge cravings for sweets and would visit the candy isle at the grocery store every time I was there. I could and did eat bags of mini snickers etc. when at home sitting in front of the tv! Iím not much on doctors and only go if I have something seriously wrong with me. Needless to say I havenít been to one in around 12 years other than a trip to urgent care 1.5 years ago for a scratched retina. While I was there I had mentioned I hadnít been to a Dr. for so long and they wanted to do a few checks. They checked my BP, weight and breathing. I was pre-hypertensive and morbidly obese. Iíve always struggled with my weight since being a very small child. The only picture I have of me not fat is from when I was probably around 6! I knew I was getting bigger and bigger but I didnít realize how bad I had gotten. I was devastated when I stepped on the scale. I was 342 lbs. and it took everything I had not to cry right then and there. After I returned home I decided I needed to make a few changes, immediately....

    I immediately cut out all pop, fast food, hamburger helper, rice a roni, mac n cheese etc. I started cooking for myself with quality ingredients. Whole foods, organic, veggies, fruits. Things I never touched before unless they came on my burger! Still ate like a pig but with better choices. I prepared all my meals. Baked my own breads etc. I dropped 32lbs. in a year and it gave me some motivation I desperately needed. I looked around on the internet at different diets, lifestyles and general nutrition. In June I started using a calorie tracker to watch what i was putting in my mouth. I started researching into macronutrients, basal rates, TDEE etc. I go walking, hiking, ride my bike, do some HIIT on the elliptical and Iím getting back into weight training. I loved it as a teenager! I have a pretty solid plan going on right now. Iíve now lost 75lbs. total! My BP averages 111/73 with a resting heart rate of 58-63. Even at 267 I walk around and feel skinny! lol

    The reason Iím here is Iíve been doing some research on ďIFĒ and it led me here. Years ago I had did the Atkins diet and lost 60lbs really fast. It was great but I didnít find it sustainable as I was eating maybe 10 carbs a day. I was miserable and after 3 months I was off, binging like a madman. With everything I have been reading it sounds like this way of living might be what Iím looking for. I'm already eating a lot of what I can eat. Just have to ditch the raisin bran, milk, bread and granola bars! Iím always looking to improve anymore.

    So Iím sure you wonít see me lurking in the shadows but Iíll be asking questions sooner or later!


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    Hello Scott and welcome to the forum! You're story and mine are similar in a way. I also had tried Atkins a few years back and while I was very successful at it, I eventually fell off the wagon because it was too restrictive. I have found the Primal Blueprint to be the best way to go. I now get plenty of protein and fats, no limit on the veggies and fruits and nuts as well. I've been able to give up the dairy and grains without any issue thus far, although I'm still new at this. But honest to Pete I seem to have lost my cravings for sweets. I also discovered some Paleo Desserts and recipes to keep the program interesting and I don't feel in any way deprived.

    I would try to experiment with lots of different dishes to keep it interesting. It's never boring and I've never felt better!

    Scott, do you have Pinterest? Here's a link to my account. I've put together a couple of boards on Pinterest, having bookmarked over 200 recipes (including desserts!). Take a look at what you can have on the Primal diet...

    Jenny Fedei (jennyfedei) on Pinterest

    This is what I had for dinner tonight:

    Congrats on your weight loss! You're on the right track here!