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  • Hello All from gorgeous Virginia

    Just wanted to post a quick introduction.
    I am a 43 year old mom to six, a yours, mine and ours kind of family.

    I am new to primal after 20 years of vegetarianism, which actually was a very healthful time of my life-
    never really sick, full of energy, no weight problems etc. However after my last child was born things just
    were never the same, the baby weight just would not come off, I was tired all the time, feeling depressed
    and ALWAYS hungry. No motivation to do anything. After a year or so of just knowing something was
    not right I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Sjogren's. The diagnosis certainly gave me
    peace of mind knowing that it was not all in my head but it also came with some shocking revelations about
    my future and my quality of life. According to my ruematologist it was just something to accept as well as
    the twice yearly check ups and if I wanted he would be more than willing to put me on medications to
    suppress the immune system. AND I was to avoid sun exposure because it just makes my symptoms worse
    (that actually is/was kind of true, I was always feeling like I was on the verge of a heat stroke or something
    when I would work outside for any length of time and I would sunburn like crazy).

    After hearing all this and accepting the reality of the situation I decided to become proactive in finding
    my way to feeling great again without the use of pharmaceuticals. I just cannot fathom going on a medication
    at the age of 40 that I know I will need to take for the rest of my life if it can at all be avoided.
    This is where the primal kicks in. A little bit googling on my computer and there it was. The gluten/wheat
    connection, the legume connection, the dairy connection, the nightshade connection etc...
    Of course my doctor didn't mention a thing about dietary changes.

    So here I am a year or so later pretty much grain free, legume free (this one is actually harder from the
    ex-vegetarian stand point), eating more vegetables than ever before (I have always been a huge vegetable
    eater) only this time no potatoes, and the biggest change of all LOTS of grassfed protein goes into this body.
    I exercise daily and can enjoy hours on end in the garden without feeling like I am doing something detrimetal
    to my health. Life is going well.

    Perhaps for the same reason I became a vegetarian years ago I am now a consumer of animals and plants.
    This is one of the ways I connect to the world I live in by making a direct choice in what I eat and acknowledging it's origins before consuming. By returning to eating and living in a more natural state I am reaping the rewards with a healthier body and a mind that is at peace.

    That is my introduction!

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    Originally posted by blissfull View Post
    So here I am a year or so later pretty much grain free, legume free (this one is actually harder from the
    ex-vegetarian stand point ...
    To be frank, there's not a huge point in legumes without the cereal grains. The reason why people who are short on animal protein have traditionally consumed them is that combining legumes with cereals is a way to try to get all the amino-acids which you would otherwise be getting if you ate a "complete protein" source. Google "three sisters" for an historic example.

    Glad things seem to be getting better for you on primal.