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Difficulty Re-Starting Primal

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  • Difficulty Re-Starting Primal

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Brian. I'm 31 and I joined the U.S. Navy this past year. I became primal to be healhier, look better, and lose weight to join the Navy. It succeeded very well as I dropped about 90 lbs. over a period of 8 months.

    Once I got into the Navy the food at bootcamp didn't allow me to stay primal very well but the exercise was able to keep me at a stable weight (I gained 1 lb.). But now I am in the training right after and I don't have all that exercise... and my main source of eating primal (my own cooking) is denied to me. So that limits my primal options a lot. (Salads... lots of salads, and not ones that are very tasty... though how the galley can have lettuce that tastes 'blah' is beyond me).

    Anyway... as I need to head to classes right now I'll summarize a bit. I keep trying to go primal again but falling off within a few days. I miss when I first went primal that I was on it months without cheating. I could really use some encouragement and friends to help me keep on it. I am trying to find -some- way that I can stick to it! My weight has increased and it is due to eating and exercising poorly. I know being Primal is what I need. I am at what I was at my lightest (a couple of months later).

    I'll post a bit more later but... I could truly use some encouragement and people to talk to. Ways to help entice/force myself to stay along it. I've already stopped carrying cash/coins when I go to classes to keep from being tempted by vending machines.

    Well, off I go!

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    Set specific, detailed, short-term goals for yourself. For example: I'm going to go x amount of days/hours without eating anything from the vending machine, or I'm going to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Don't make the goal longer than a week or so, and make them attainable. As soon as you meet one, set another that's slightly harder. Write them down. You'll be more accountable and more likely to work toward them if you write them down AND tell someone about them.

    Hope that helps! It can be tough to get back on track on your own!


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      Welcome and thanks for serving. I would just echo Danielle's advice. Do your best. Training won't last forever.
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