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    Hey all. I just read PB and ready to lose this goo that has been holding me back for YEARS. I'm 6'2 and roughly 282lbs. According to fitday my bmi is 36 and places me in the obese category.

    I have been eating primal for only 3 days now and I also started doing P90X to get me moving.

    I am a former NCAA Div 1 athlete, but I somehow decided to let that go for beer and buffalo wings accompanied with no activity.

    Why am I doing this? I want to live long healthy life and not be a slave to what I've become. Also, I'm vain. I'd like to take my shirt off at the beach and not scare the masses or be made fun of.

    So far so good with the workouts and I've added walking so I'm not sedentary for the whole day. today I did disk one of P90X and then took time off from work and just walked for an hour.

    Sprinting might have to come slowly. I just feel all old, stiff, and creeky in the knees. I need to lube up these old joints and get them moving.

    Wish me luck. 85lbs to go! OH, about the title. I say I'm results not typical because I've tried everything to try and lose weight before. Nothing seems to work. I even bought a Bodybugg. I'm such a gimmick whore.

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    The sprints will come, don't force it. As long as you eat primal, move slowly lots and lift heavy things you will feel so good, and the weight will come off.

    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon


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      Welcome welcome!

      I too have tried it all before, I think we found it this time. Let me know how P90 X goes- I have it too but they forgot to include the instructions in my package so now I'm waiting..........just kinda randomly doing it!