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Hi everyone, I'm new here, 2 and 1/2 months primal and losing lots

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  • Hi everyone, I'm new here, 2 and 1/2 months primal and losing lots

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on this site. I've gleaned quite the bit of information from all mark's posts and the comments as well. I have been basically paleo for two and a half months. I am 6 foot tall and at the start I weighed a bit over 210. I now weigh 186, it just keeps coming off. My diet consists of steak, chicken, eggs, tuna, sausage, spinach, kale, broccoli, and other random veg that are moderate in carbs. I also liberally use butter, olive, and grapeseed oils when applicable. I have been "restricting" my calories in that I have not been as hungry, I do not worthlessly snack in the same fashion as I did, I eat now when I'm actually hungry, I don't eat right before sleeping, and I hardly drink any calories (almond/coconut milk). I do lift moderately and have noticed a marked increase in muscle. Is the rate that I am currently losing (roughly 24lbs in two and a half months) healthy? Should I increase my carbs slightly, or just go to town on my foods I am currently eating, or am I just doing well and shouldn't worry? I appreciate any input, and thank you all for this source of information (both marks posts and your "in the field" commentary)

    P.S. also little additional back info, I've been overweight to varying degrees all my life, struggling with what seemed to be a dietary system that made no sense. This amount of loss to me is just surprising and frankly makes me feel quite foolish for not having realized earlier in my life, also spawning the worry as to if it is indeed safe or not.
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    I should have thought that around two pounds a week was a good rate. I wouldn't worry too much about weight per se, though. So long as waist circumference keeps moving it doesn't matter if weight stays the same for some weeks.

    I should carry on as you're going. Grapeseed is an unusual oil. IIRC, it's profile is OK, although a bit high in omega-6, but you want to make sure it's a cold-pressed variety you've got.


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      Yeah it is a cold-pressed variety, I did not however know it was higher in omega 6's. So it's totally safe to lose 24 lbs in just over two months time?


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        Most seed oils tend to be. Dr. Cate thinks grapeseed oil is OK and knowing her will have researched pretty thoroughly before saying so:

        An open letter to Napa

        I should think just don't use too much of it and make sure you balance it by regularly eat some omega-3 rich foods like oily fish (such as the tuna you mentioned) and either free range eggs or so-called omega-3 eggs. (They feed the chickens on flaxseed.)

        I don't see that rate of weight-loss as a problem -- not if it's fat rather than muscle and you're eating properly to do it, which you seem to be, and you feel OK and don't have any unpleasant symptoms. A couple of pounds per week seems like a steady and not excessive rate to me. That's how it seems to me, anyway -- I don't know whether others would agree.

        You could have a check-up with your doctor and maybe he or she would have some markers of health taken to see how those are moving.


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          Welcome to the forum
          I am new to Primal eating, this is my third week and i hope to achieve weight loss just as you have. I think you are doing great.


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            I think your weight loss is perfect for you! 10lb/month is fantastic; especially since you are eating healthy foods, staying active (building muscle), and not starving yourself.

            I am sure the weight loss will slow down once you get closer to that weight your body naturally wants to achieve. If you do feel you are getting too thin, then up the fat/calories and lift heavy things!

            Great job. Most of us want the results you are getting!
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