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Hi from the midwest of 'murica

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  • Hi from the midwest of 'murica

    I've been on the diet and exercise thing for about 2 1/2 years. Started with Body Confidence, lost 60 pounds in two years but there were too many carbs and not enough fat in diet, hit a plateau. Brother stumbled across _Why We Get Fat_, brought it to my parents' place. I took it, read it in a day or two and started to try to follow diet in back. Had gained some fat back in the meantime was probably at 21% body fat. Lost 11 pounds following Taubes'/Duke U's prescriptions and following the _Convict Conditioning_ program, was probably back at 20 or 19% body fat. Then, my brother gave me P90X for my birthday. Thought it was, well, a bit extreme, but decided to give it a try. Rehabbing shoulder and back from old and new injury during this time, for past month. Followed the diet while rehabbing, was able to start P90X, have been doing it for two weeks. Result: started to gain body fat and binged on sugar for a couple nights last week. Realized P90X wasn't working, went back to Taubes, then Attia's websites. Saw the link for The Primal Blueprint, bought it via Kindle, read half the book in one night, have chucked P90X and am going back to low-carb. I'll post my initial measurements and questions in the relevant subforum.

    Happy to find The Primal Blueprint and Marksdailyapple.

    Also, I practice Systema, a Soviet-origin combatives system, and am planning on getting into Pramek, an American adaptation of Systema and Martial Blade Concepts, a rationalized version of Filipino martial arts. Besides that, I bike, study language and history and am looking into cross country skiing for the winter.