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  • Hello Again!

    I started this primal journey in June 2012 after spending months researching and lurking around the site. It has been amazing even though I am about 70% primal. Wheat and rice were easy to give up but I have struggled with corn, both fresh corn on the cob and corn chips and potatoes, in all forms. However I have been able to cut it down to about once a week.

    My real problems lie with ice cream, chocolate and diet soda, I have switched to only real ice cream with no artificial ingredients and dark chocolate. As for the diet soda, I know how toxic it is for me and I have tried switching it out with bubbly spring water or ice tea. I have made it up to 5 days without any diet soda but then I always cave. I am hoping with the cold weather upon us I won't want it as much,

    Has anyone else had this problem in giving up soda? Is it the chemicals I am addicted too? Let me know how you overcame this craving/problem


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    For me diet soda is about the sweetness... I know it's not real sugar, but my tongue and my brain don't seem to be able to tell the difference.

    Winter definitely makes it easier. Stick to coffee and tea (add some stevia for sweetness if ya like,) and stay warm!
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      Potatoes and/or corn (ideally non-GMO), or rice, once a week is no problem at all. Corn chips once a week are no big deal 20%.

      I put (organic) vanilla and a bit of stevia in seltzer water to make cream soda. Or lemon/lime and stevia. You can use various other flavors.

      You are doing great. Don't let the idea of doing it perfectly get in the way of doing primal.
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