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  • greetings to all

    I was always the "heavy" girl in school. 20 years ago I embraced the low fat diet and exercised like mad - Made it to size 12 and very proud that I could shop at a normal store. Weight went up again . Then I discovered martial arts--Loved it! It wasn't exercise it was play! I was strong and flying thru the air but I was happens. Sammo Hung anyone.
    Then I discovered Atkins. I read the research and it made sense. I ate my way to a size 8 and felt wonderful. Enlisted in the Guard and went overseas. BAD IDEA!!!!! Military food was all high carb and no fresh vegies.
    I was embedded with Afghans and then I got injured (left embedded with a leg swollen to twice its size for 8 months) My body was desperate for something to repair itself--To Bad I got processed carbs ( and no daylight or ability to exercise)
    Once my tour was over I spent 2 years in Army medical care (due to complete neglect by my unit) and as of Friday medically retired - thank goodness! When I was finally in control of what I eat my fat melted off me. I had swollen up to 190 and am currently 155. I'm 5'6" but I wear a size 6/small currently.

    However, I have a problems getting exercise. I go to a disabled swim class 3 times a week where I am the youngest- 46 is old to be considered the youngest I am not in a wheel chair, yet, but I am limited to about 30 minutes sitting, 30 minutes walking at anygiven time I have to spend most of my time lying slightly elevated on my back. I LOOK healthy but my bones are rotting inside and I cannot lift heavy things or even do a cardio exercise outside of the pool class (I cannot even swim laps)

    Enough self pity--What I am wondering is if anyone knows of a way of eating which helps to regrow bones - doctors just push pain pills and say wait until something snaps or I get old enough to have replacement joints put in.
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    I would say bone broth. Search and you will find lots. (I'm not an expert on it.)

    Are you able to get sunshine? You must get enough vitamin D3. Get tested if you can. You may need to take some capsules. And get enough A and K to make the D work.

    Are you doing any intervals (sprints) in your swim class? (Everyone can do sprints. Just go as fast as you can for 30 seconds, even if that is one mile an hour.)

    Good luck. I hope primal works great for you!!!
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      The important one seems to be vitamin K2 in the MK4 form. (The supplements are usually MK7, which is much cheaper.)

      In Japan, they give patients with osteoporosis that, while less enlightened countries give them drugs that stop the calcium in the bone being removed (as should happen as part of natural breakdown and renewal). With such drugs the bone density goes up, but the recurrence rate for fractures does not go down. Worse, when people's bones do break, they can shatter like glass. I believe there are some court cases pending where this has happened with people's jaws, as soon as a dentist put a drill to them.

      The K2 activates proteins responsible for depositing calcium in the bones while at the same time activating proteins that are responsible for ensuring there's no calcification of soft tissue.

      My understanding is that people's gut bacteria should be capable of making this vitamin, so in some cases problems might be incident upon the disruption of those -- maybe through antibiotic courses or something similar. I haven't got a reference on that, though. Have you any symptoms that would suggest disruption of gut flora? I don't know that that's involved, but it seems worth asking the question.

      You may be able to find some helpful information at pubmed.

      Home - PubMed - NCBI

      I'm sorry I've nothing more, but maybe this might suggest some avenues that you could explore.