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  • Newbie from Nairobi

    I just discovered PB and i am exited about trying it out. I love fitness and I have always considered myself health conscious and fit. I have tried many ways to lose weight and since most of the time I have only focused on the exercise part I end up not seeing any results. I have always known that the 80/20 rule is mandatory if I want to lose weight and lose fat but I never really executed it properly. I recently started IF, 2 24 hr/week fasts and even though I feel better, I have not seen any visible weight loss. My goal is to shed 24 pounds in 3 months and finally get the lean body I have always wanted.

    I do not usually set goals and this has not worked quite well. So am determined to do things differently this time round. I am 100% committed to PB from now on and i can't wait to see how it works out. When it comes to eating, PB eating will be new for me and I hope that together with IF I will lose the extra weight healthily.

    To achieve my goal weight loss of 24 pounds I will incorporate primal blueprint eating with exercise. I am good at exercise but I need to work on consistency. No more missing workouts for whatever reason. I enjoy working out so i want to see how it fits with PB eating. My exercise plan will include jump rope training HIIT 3 times per week and strength training 2 times per week. I already have a program I can follow progressively and I am determined to remain consistent and follow through until January 8th 2012.

    I am also committed to tracking my progress from day 1 which will be 8th October 2012 to Day 93 on 8th January. I will track my weight and body stats every eighth of the month. I want to be accountable to myself and also to all those committed to the PB lifestyle.

    Starting 8th October 2012 i am prepared to change my life.

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    I just weighed myself. So i am at a starting weight of 74 kg/163 pounds at 5' 7''. My BMI is 25.5 and i am considered overweight. This is a shocking wake up call that i need to do something if i do not want to gain more weight. My waist is 36.6 inches, which puts me at risk of so many lifestyle related diseases like type 2 diabetes, which scares the hell out of me. So losing 24 pounds will put me in a healthy BMI range. I am gearing to go from next Monday and in the meantime, i am acclimatizing to the change. I am actually being more conscious of what am eating, the whole issue of grains being bad for you is mind boggling. By Monday i will have shopped for the right foods to start my journey. After the 3 months i will then reevaluate my progress and since i want to change my lifestyle completely i will pursue the primal lifestyle after the 3 months.
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