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Hello from London - *waves* to everyone

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    Thanks Lissie.

    Yeah my main aim really is to loose weight. I've been 8st my whole life then went up to 11.5 when i found out i had Polycystic Ovaries, madness. I'm about 10.5-11 now and way above what i should be. Want to shed this fat, be lean and fit again and toned.

    I eat pretty healthy at the moment, apart from that time of the month when i get mega cravings!

    Is there actually a list somewhere of fruits and veg to avoid when trying to loose weight? Thanks so much for helping with all the questions guys. I'm SO used to completely illiminating things that eating things occasionally might be hard lol but then if i'm doing the 21 day thing from mark's book then hopefully that will tell me more.