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Birthday present to myself... One more try.

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  • Birthday present to myself... One more try.

    Hi folks. I've been browsing the forums and reading PB for most of Sept. I quickly liked what I read and decided on an Oct 1 date to try Primal living.
    Here's me... It ain't pretty...
    54 year old male. 5'8" and 285 pnds. Sugar burner my whole life. Lover of all things bad for you (especially McDonald's and Papa John's).
    Not sure how I'll live without pizza and fries but I guess I've eaten enough of them to last a few life times anyway.

    Not gonna ramble on. Just saying, "Hi" and here I go. One last chance to change before I die. I am tired of being the fattest person I know and hang around with. Changing that fact is why I decided to go Primal for my 55th birthday. Let's see how it goes. I may not look much better on Nov 14 but I should be feeling better by then!


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    How's it going Greg?


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      Wahoo! And congrats on starting!


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        Best of luck to you Greg! Welcome to Primal and welcome to a whole new YOU!!!