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Dangit, I can't seem to get this right!

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  • Dangit, I can't seem to get this right!

    In February, all my "numbers" were right. On daily Lipitor for cholesterol and Metformin for "just barely diabetes", my total cholesterol was 154, my Tri's at 151, my HDL at 40, LDL at 84 and VLDL at 30. My ratio was 3.9. My fasting glucose was 85. Also, I was just starting to come down from my heavyweight of 230#.

    All of these numbers were "in range", and my two docs were pleased, so I continued through this july on the meds.

    Then, I decided I didn't want these meds anymore. I'm gonna go primal/paleo and get even better WITHOUT these pills and their side effects!

    Well, I'm trying. I really am TRYING, but keep knocking myself down, one "weekly indulgence" at a time. Ever try to avoid carbs and processed food while living with (and doing all the food preparations for) a toddler, and a young woman pregnant with twins?! Ever try to find "me time" for real exercise around that same house?! Money for all organic and all-natural? Sorry, it really ISNT readily available everywhere.

    Well, here's my numbers from yesterday with "ideal" ranges listed on the left:

    Lab Report - October 02, 2012

    Test Name Results Unit of Measure Reference Range
    In-Rng Out-Rng
    Cholesterol, Total 312 mg/dL 112 -200
    Triglycerides 227 mg/dL 0 -150
    HDL Cholesterol 45 mg/dL > 40
    VLDL Cholesterol Cal 45 mg/dL 5 -40
    LDL Cholesterol Calc 222 mg/dL < 100
    T. Chol/HDL Ratio 6.9 ratio 0.0 -5.0
    Glucose, Serum 100 mg/dL 70 -99

    At least I'm kinda keeping my blood sugar in check. I've stopped losing weight, and am hung at 209#, with my current goal of 190#.

    In 19 days, I have another chekup from my primary doctor. He's the one that, when I said I'm stopping my meds, suggested "sure, do it, but do it RIGHT."

    Looks like I've got my own almost-21-day challenge ahead.

    The good news is that I really DO feel better than I used to! I no longer get sleepy from sugar lows. I used to get drowsy almost every afternoon, and often while driving. Now I can take a nap or leave it, and I can drive the full four hours to visit my family without having to trade seats, or go thru tons of gum. I actually feel like My brain works better off the meds, and several other side effects have gone away.

    My question to the grokgroup here: can I expect my numbers, all of them lised above, to come within range, if I can really stick to my guns for these three weeks?