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  • Did I find my new net home???

    Howdy all,

    My name is James Paul and I am from the gorgeous state of Massachusetts. I was born, and probably will die, a New Englander. I have been involved in the fitness and wellness industries as a career for well over a decade, however it was one particular client that instilled such a passion in me it's difficult to explain. I started as a personal trainer because the pay was amazing. I trained special populations (people with health concerns) and when an Alzheimer's patient said "thank you for giving me my mind back" it hit me that this is what i need to be in. It also took me a while to pick my jaw up off the floor.
    I am very imperfect, although at times I may seem egotistical (I swear it's just me having fun and that's how it comes off). I am a habitual smoker and had way too long of a relationship with Bombay Sapphire. I also feel it's our imperfections that truly make us unique as individuals and beautiful as a society. We learn by asking questions, and we gain an understanding through listening. That is a fundamental I truly believes resonates in fitness as well.
    We will all share strengths and weaknesses and I truly look forward to not only interacting with as many of you as I can but also hopefully positively impacting you.

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    Welcome! It would be neat to help treat alzheimer's with a primal diet and should look into specializing in that...
    It's just another day in paradise
    As you stumble to your bed
    You'd give anything to silence
    Those voices ringing in your head
    You thought you could find happiness
    Just over that green hill
    You thought you would be satisfied
    But you never will-
    Learn to be still
    -The Eagles


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      I'm always very receptive to providing my clients new and awesome information that could help them. I already started looking into if I could add that. My issue is I'm not a licenced or certified nutritionist and my insurance doesn't cover that. But I do plan on hitting their care-givers with my findings. I've already read a TON of great information in this forum!!
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