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Hello! New to the Primal way of life!

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  • Hello! New to the Primal way of life!

    Hi Everyone,

    I am so happy to be joining this online community.

    I have been a vegetarian 22 years...and on a diet of some type or another all my life!

    I just started living primally TODAY and I am excited.

    I have read Mark's books and explored the website and I am ready to go. I have decided to go 100% primal for the next 90 days (I tend to plunge into most everything with both feet).

    Why go primal after 22 years of being a vegetarian? (I'm glad you asked!) I have struggled with my weight and definitely have a carb addiction...and after 22 years of mostly carb living, I am experiencing chronic low back pain that pretty much can't be accounted for any other way.

    So....after quite a lot of researching & soul I am!

    I will be starting a daily journal this evening in the journal section of the forum.

    I am hoping to: Lose the back pain, lose about 30 pounds, gain energy and enjoy life!

    Here's to the Primal Life!

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    Hello! I'm a newbie too.

    I pulled a muscle in my lower back a couple of years ago which has been getting better slowly and steadily with rehab exercises, but since ditching grains, it suddenly feels much better - I assume this is due to less inflammation. I wish you well on your journey!


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        Hiya, I'm new too. Good luck on your journey


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          Love your username! Welcome and hello