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Digestive troubles?

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  • Digestive troubles?

    Hey all. Been primal for about four days now. I'm loving steak salads and feeling better overall. But I am having intermittent stomach issues. I'll get mild stomach aches, feel nauseated, and have short bouts of the runs.

    Is this part of "carb flu"? I looked at the Carb Flu Symptoms thread and didn't see it there.

    Other than the stomach issues, I'm feeling great on PB.

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    Hi, me and my wife started Sunday (6 days ago) and we're going through the same issue.


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      While I'm not glad other people feel this way, I am glad to see I'm not alone on this. If that makes any sense.

      As long as what's going in is a normal part of switching to PB, I'll deal with it and fight through. This is the first way of eating that's really made sense to me, and I already like how I feel (minus the stomach issues, of course) when I'm on it more than I have in the last...years, man.


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        This seems to happen to many people; it did with me. It will pass.


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          I'm with you mumbles. After several days of no problems I started feeling a little nauseated around lunchtime. I figured it must be carb flu but wasn't really seeing that symptom either so seeing the responses to your question makes me feel better too. Good luck to us both!
          Breathe. Move forward.

          I just eat what I want...