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New to Primal for Pain Loss & Weight Loss

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  • New to Primal for Pain Loss & Weight Loss

    Hi All!

    I am new to eating primal but not new to diets that's for sure. I was relatively thin most of my life, but not healthy. Over the past 18 years I have gained 55lbs and 175lbs on a 5ft woman is way too much. I have suffered from chronic pain from the age of 11. I have osteo-arthritis, fibromaylgia, chronic fatigue, migraines & I have had two knee surgeries, you know the list. I started experimenting with my diet two years ago for weight loss and improved health. I went vegan for a time, I tried raw, I did Weight Watchers just cutting calories but eating all carbs, I tried the Fat Flush, I've tried Medi-fast & I have tried two full workouts a day. I lost about 25lbs in all with all those solutions, not even close to where I needed to be. Two years ago I became determined to get healthier, and am now off all my medications. But my chronic pain persisted. Needless to say I gained all my weight back and then some.

    Last month, after numerous lengthy family crisis & feeling physically horrible, I was fed up. I began taking myself off all the fast food & dairy that I had been consuming daily, and I do mean daily, sometimes several times a day. I was making my best efforts to eat cleaner. Then 4 weeks ago I found the Primal Blueprint. When I bought the book I could not put it down. I read it in two evenings which is very unlike me. It has not been very long but I am feeling a lot less pain in my joints and muscles. I knew I had a problem with dairy causing me painful inflammation but I had no idea the gluten could be causing it as well. I'm down about 6lbs so far and 1 inch all around. I am looking to this for a life style change, treating food like medicine. So far my husband has been super supportive, and has even made a lot of changes himself although he is not primal. And Im so thankful for that! We are also trying to get pregnant so our fingers are crossed it may help us with that, if not energy to keep up with any children we adopt.

    So all in all I am here for more than weight loss, but pain loss! What a blessing it will be.

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    Congrats on 6 lbs! Keep up the good work. I, too, have been on many diets and had limited success. You are doing a good thing for yourself and your future kids. Take care!


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      Steph, welcome to MDA. You will find all sorts of support here, and many of us have also recovered from awful pain. I lost the pain after 1 week, and you will find in gets better as the toxins are expelled from your body. keep at it and all the very best wishes
      "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

      ...small steps....


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        Good progress already in such a short time, this plan really does boost health in so many areas. It's logical when you think about it - what's good for one part of your body is bound to be good for all the other parts as well.

        It's marvellous that your husband is supportive, that sure helps a lot. Hopefully he will soon be in envy of your food and your good health and join you fully.

        I wish you continuing success with improved health, fertility and of course fat loss.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Welcome to these family. You can find any kind of help from these family.I am also just new here and learning some good things
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