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  • Howdy

    My name is Hilary and I live in Texas. Been married to my life-long partner since '79 and we have three really great kids and two of the cutest grandchildren on Earth (seriously!).

    I sort of stumbled into "primal" by deciding to give up eating wheat. I really didn't give it a whole lot of thought, just wanted to experiment to see what would happen. Man o man, was I in for the surprise of my life! Yeah, felt much better, more energy and less brain fog. And the weight is coming off.

    I knew I needed to make changes and when the hubby came home with a diagnosis of stage-1 hypertension, I admit I freaked inside. I haven't been the the doctor in years, my middle age spread was going full-on and I was feeling old. His doctor sent him home with NO meds, just a recommendation to go on the DASH diet (which is what most doctors here in the US recommend) and a return check up in a month (he did drop his BP quite a bit so that's good).

    My daughter got me involved in learning all about horses and I knew my weight was going to become a problem if I kept going the way I was going. I have what I consider to be a "dream job" but it keeps me sedentary.

    I quit "running" about 5 years ago and found nothing to take up the slack, so to speak.

    All this was coming to a disastrous head in my life.

    A three-week road trip to Montana is what it took to start me on a road to recovery.

    I had already started to drink raw milk from the dairy farm just up the road from me. A dairy farm in the middle of a populous Dallas/Fort Worth suburb! All my spring allergies cleared up at that point. I get all my dairy products there now, although everything else is pasteurized. But it all still comes entirely from Jersey and Gurnsey stock; not a Holstein in the herd.

    I had started to get all our family meat from a rancher the next county over ... all beef 100% grass-fed, plus pork, lamb and chicken all raised naturally with organic and non-GM grain and plenty of pasture and sunshine to spend their lives until the inevitable.

    I had started a friendship with a dear lady who has an alpaca/sheep CSA for fiber who also happens to raise a bunch of egg-laying chickens. So all my eggs either come from her or my meat rancher. I struck a bargain with my friend to let me to reclaim the over-grown, forgotten vegetable plot on her land (it's pretty big!) in exchange for sharing the produce.

    I also started to read up, rather intensely, on everything I could get my hands on in terms of nutrition and the US food supply.

    All this before I came to hear about Mark's Daily Apple and the "Primal Blueprint." Very glad to find this place and share space with like-minded people!

    I'm the only one in my family who is dedicated primal. Daughter is on board halfway ... hubby and sons look at me like I have a horn growing between my eyes. No matter, I found what is working wonders for me and I will not be looking back.

    My favorite part of The Primal Blueprint concept if the fitness model. I am thoroughly enjoying the process of taking daily activities and make them primal. I did rejoin the local recreation center to have access to weight-training and various aerobic activities, but I am much more satisfied in finding ways to move, lift and sprint by doing every day things! I figure that controlling and steering a 1,200 pound horse while staying firmly seated in the saddle at a lope falls into the "lift heavy things" category! So does walking to the car with a 30-pound bag of dog food. Reclaiming my friend's garden is being done primally ... in other words, no power tools. I use a pitch fork, a rake and swing a pick ax for an hour or two several times a week. And play in the dirt while I am it too. In the sun.

    So there you have it ... my primal story. I'm a happy lady who will no longer be "fat and happy" in a short time.