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Been lurking here for months :D

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  • Been lurking here for months :D


    As my thread says, I've been lurking here for months and I finally motivated myself to register. First I have to say English is not my native language and I've noticed (in contrary to other forums) how well people phrase their replies here. If you find a mistake, just tell me, I'm always happy to learn .

    I've always been lean, maybe even skinny until I got 16. From there on I packed pounds on my thighs and my butt (I guess it was the birth control pill). Everything else stayed the same. Until last December when I turned 23. My face suddenly was round, my belly hung over my jeans and I found myself buying clothes in a size I never imagined to be wearing in my life. And I realized that I was hungry all the time. Every day, every hour and second I was hungry and nothing could make me feel full. Turning to cookies and lasagne as a comfort food during a very stressful time didn't help either. In January I told myself it was enough, I had to do something.

    I never tried a single diet in my life, I just tried to eat less when I was 19 and eat more healthy (more whole grains, veggies and fruit). That failed horribly. So I found Low Carb, which convinced me because it isn't just a diet. I tried the Atkins Induction Phase and ended up with a terrible low carb flu. But I felt full for the very first time in months. It was so liberating to free myself from hunger. I found the Primal Blueprint after some research and here I am, happy being paleo for 5 months now (with some small backslides). I lost 13 pounds, can lift heavier weights than in February and I love my food. I never want to go back to my old nutrition as it leaves me feeling empty and still hungry.

    Finally, the last reason I came here is because of those famous last pounds, my saddle bags. My measurements are ridiculous, my thighs are by far the largest part of my body. Maybe I'll show a picture in my journal, I can't really describe it but it seems like the fat on my butt and thighs has separated itself from my body and is immune to weight loss. Two or three weeks ago I even starved myself for a week only to find that I lost inches from my bust and waist, but not one from my thighs. I even got hollow cheekbones, which are back to normal now. I feel healthy and energetic, but this is the last piece of the puzzle.

    I hope writing down my progress will help me getting rid of my saddle bags and I'm looking forward to joining this forum.
    5' 7'' - current weight: 117-119 pounds - starting weight: 132 pounds
    English is not not my native language, so if you find mistakes, please tell me. I'm always happy to learn

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    Welcome...Glad you came out of lurking. Me too. I registered but never participated in any discussions. I kept reading Marks blog though and gradually understood what it takes. I experimented with carb levels. I measured myself. I got blood tests. I read more blogs.I dropped sugar and starchy carbs. Then I dropped grain. Then beans. I began to try to be in Ketosis in August.I've lost 18 =19 pounds in the last 4 weeks. If you've been lurking...jump on in. This way of life appears to be the least for me. I wondered why I waited so long. After the first three weeks of carb with draw, I seem to feel better, and have no cravings of far less cravings. Good luck to you.
    Start weight 182
    weight now 162
    goal weight 132


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      Thank you!
      5' 7'' - current weight: 117-119 pounds - starting weight: 132 pounds
      English is not not my native language, so if you find mistakes, please tell me. I'm always happy to learn


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          Welcome - glad you are out of the shadows
          Height - 5'8"
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          Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.