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  • Greetings from NC

    I picked up Primal Blueprint the other day and started reading it today. So far it's making a lot of sense.

    About me. 49yo from NC, married with a teen daughter. I used to be pretty active when I was younger but domestic life sort of derailed that. I used to surf, hike and bike a lot but that time has come and gone. A few weeks ago I turned 49 and a coworker asked me if I was kidding, she and a few others thought I was 40. I said yea, I'm 49. They told me that they thought I looked pretty good and I said "I used to look a lot better". Then it hit me. Rather than thinking back to when I was younger and much better shape I could do something about it and put myself back in shape. I can't do much about getting older but I can make sure the body is in good form. So, here I am.

    I work in IT and am in college 3/4 time. That doesn't leave me a lot of spare time and my travel schedule is rather tough at times. Work isn't too stressful but school is taking its toll on me. I should drop a class but this is my last "long" semester, the rest is easy.

    In the spring I went on a keto diet and lost 15 pounds. I've managed to keep 10 of them off still, so I can't complain too much. Keto was ok but I felt like I was having too many mind farts and couldn't concentrate. After reading about primal I think that this might be better for me. I still have a carb addiction but I was able to manage it with keto.

    Right now I'm 5'11 and 199 or so. My activities include surfing and some walking. When it cools down I'll hike a lot more, I can't get motivated to hike when it's in the upper 90s and humid. Biking is something I'd like to start doing again, there are some great trails here and I just took my bike in for a component upgrade today. Plans are to start taking the bus to work three days per week (the other two I have school on, and the bus route to school is hella long and it's too far to walk and the bike lanes are non existant).

    Went through the kitchen today and asked the wife and daughter to hide the snacks so I'd not see them. I have a grocery list to add to, later I'll hit the market for some veggies and proteins. We eat a lot of chicken and fish so that's not a problem. I need to ditch the pasta (hard for an italian), but I can use veggies in the place of it.

    Let's hope I can succeed on this journey!