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  • Hi from south UK

    Im a 36 year old woman with a bloke, kids, chickens, a cat, and a dog, we live in south UK.
    Ive put on 2 stone over the last year or so from sitting down recording music and drinking too much! I have been aware of the paleo/primal style of living and eating for a long long time, but never implemented it as a lifestyle.
    I used to be supple, fit and a normal weight but I recently realised my weight was well over what it used to be and have kicked myself into action..given up smoking, cut out drinking apart from at weekends sometimes, cut out a lot of carbs from wheat, started exercising again. Ive been using a calorie/food logging site and unfortunately after 5 weeks I have lost not one single pound!! I was 160 when I started, and Im still 160 today! Im 5'5" and my usual weight was always 135lb, but even then I wasnt exactly skinny/lean. In my youth I did a lot of work and became very strong but it wasnt visible. I put muscle on very easily but struggle to get rid of fat. Im hoping cutting out carbs/wheat will help with that.
    So I am here, hopefully to get some direction but mainly to focus on the fitness side of things.

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    Well, I started counting calories to find out what they were coming from, its quite a handy app because it showed nutritional values per day, per food etc. It allowed me to see what I was doing in terms of a day. It always makes me laugh though because every single day it was saying 'too much cholesterol' - the eggs!!
    As I said though, my main concern is the exercise side of things now.


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      Hi Deegie, I'm in a similar position to you.....I did lose weight on the food logging site but was hungry a lot! I st ill use it but now it's to make sure my fat/carb/protein ratio looks right. I only started doing this properly this week & I want to lose 2 stone so a long way to go lol. Let me know how you're getting on


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        ^ Hi! Yes, I hate to be hungry so 'not eating' diets have never worked for me! Im sure we can do it primal style :P


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          nice to meet you men
          Paleo Cook Book


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            Hi guys, hope you'll have a look at our UK based Facebook group, trying to organise some meetups in the near future so we can all chat about PB etc. we have 15 members and counting!


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              Originally posted by messymisstess View Post
              Hi guys, hope you'll have a look at our UK based Facebook group, trying to organise some meetups in the near future so we can all chat about PB etc. we have 15 members and counting!
              Nice one! Got a link?


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                Hello from south uk
                F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.


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                  Welcome....Its like a community within a community in here haha.

                  Glad to see we are trying to address the problem here in the UK. Up here in the blistering sunshine of Scotland we have a serious problem. Im fighting the good fight and trying to convert clients etc, but its a slow process.

                  It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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                    Originally posted by Richardmac View Post
                    Im fighting the good fight and trying to convert clients etc, but its a slow process.
                    People are starting to ask me how I lost the weight I have. Some already accept that giving up wheat is a good idea. Still some way to go though......
                    Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut when a steam roller is even more effective, and, is fun to drive.


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                      Thought id use this thread again as its been a while.
                      Ive lost a stone in weight and have fully got used to eating paleo. Its funny trying to tell people I eat a lot of fat, even when you explain it they just cannot believe it could be true. Thats brainwashing for you!

                      I am still at it, as its my way of eating now, but had to add rice back in, as things here have taken an expensive turn, and most farmed products have and will continue to rise in price, it was a very bad year for farmers especially locally.

                      I guess that is now my main challenge - staying paleo on a budget and with rising food prices. Unfortunately I cant afford for my kids to be paleo, though I continue to preach it, I have to give them filling [cheap] foods like pasta, and they are all very thin so Im not making them fat, and they hardly ever eat junk/processed food. I still try to make sure they have a lot of meat and veg and a bit less of the pasta though.

                      Also, will be taking up a training ritual known as The Centurion Method [not sure if I am allowed to post a link but its searchable]
                      Basic outline -
                      The Centurion Method is a Revolutionary Training Program for the Post-Apocalyptic Hominid.

                      We are creating human beings cast of iron and cooled in blood and sweat. We worship at the altar of steel and wood, stone and muscle; kneeling statues of chiselled gods hewn straight out of the bedrock from which they spawned.

                      Using the Guerrilla and Primal training programs we prepare the human body for whatever the cruelty of nature may thrust upon it. Survival of the Fittest is her mantra, death her husband, and the cry of ‘LIFE’ hot on our lips. We do not mess around.

                      Involves lifting rocks and logs and doing pull ups on trees, and becoming an entity from within rather than just becoming eye candy. Ideal if you live rural, but equally possible if youre in the town.

                      Catch you later!


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                        I'm UK based too, but in the north.

                        Your training programme sounds great - kinda like crossfit in the outdoors! Well done on a stone lost in weight too!

                        I'm actually finding paleo is cheaper for me, so long as I meal plan - if I don't take the time to be prepared that's when I end up on a mad dash round the shop and buying expensive stuff. I am planning on adding rice back in though, mainly to fuel workouts as I keep crashing and I suspect it's lack of carbs, but also rice is a fairly benign grain - I ate the stuff every day when living in Asia and it has never irritated my stomach like other grains do, so it would be better for me than, say, going back to dairy, which is expensive and irritates my stomach. I also eat potatoes which are fairly cheap. Food prices are totally going up though - ugh.


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                          Thanks. The weight loss is a bit slow, but then so was the gain of it!!
                          Yeah, its like a mix of crossfit, movnat and Insanity but with a sort of Conan the Barbarian, DIY element in there!

                          I should meal plan too! I always forget to. I find buying a lot of meat is costing me more, I used to eat a lot of the pasta or potato part of a meal and less meat. As you say about rice, yea I dont have much trouble with it as with bloaty wheat. Theres an article by Mark around here somewhere about rice, which made me decide to eat it now and then. I switched to sweet potatoes though, they are very good

                          I have a vegetarian in the house and its a lot more difficult to get his meals paleo/primal, as most of the 'meat free' meat-looking things have wheat in them, and other fat/protein substitutes like cheese/avocados/eggs are quite pricey, plus creating two sets of meals each night...gets complicated!!