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Primal and SLE

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  • Primal and SLE

    Hello All,

    I'm wanting to chat with SLE (Lupus) sufferers in regards to Primal......

    I've been mostly Primal for the last three months or so, have noticed great improvements in my health, mainly pain factor wise and with weightloss, but am still battling fatigue. My energy levels have increased, which leaves me dumbfounded as to the extreme swings to fatigue I'm gettiing. As well as fatigue (chronic) I am lucky enough to experience insomnia.... great combination...

    Any ideas, advice, magic cures or even just a kick in the right direction would be great...

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    I don't know of anyone here by name who's a sufferer, but a quick search shows me it's been discussed before:

    MDA Search: lupus

    It'd be worth checking Robb Wolf's site, too:

    Search Results for lupus


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      Thanks for that Lewis.... still new on here and learning how to drive it :-)