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    Your location: Michigan

    Age (If you want): 34

    How Primal are you: 80/20 - I haven't switched to grass-fed beef yet. We live on a dairy farm, and we get a 1/4 of a steer each year. It's hard to say no to free food! But we eat a lot of venison, too. I get any other meat from the butcher that uses local sources. Soy has been sneaking in my diet in the form of ranch dressing once or twice a week. I need to find a good recipe!

    Do you consume dairy: Yes - But I've cut down. No more milk or lowfat dairy. Just some cottage cheese and aged cheese.

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Ice Tea

    Motivator for switching to Primal: I gained a lot of weight in the last few years, and I kept putting off losing weight since my lab work was always fine. Last month I found out that the extra weight had caught up with me. I'm prediabetic now and also have to take thyroid meds. I started South Beach a month ago, and started going primal for the last 2 weeks. I've lost 14 pounds in the last month, and I'm hoping to lose a lot more. In the interest of full-discloser, I have about 200 lbs to lose. It is scary to try again when I've failed on so many other diet plans, but the primal way of life makes sense to me. I have 2 kids, and I want to be a healthy mom for them!

    Favorite exercise: Zumba

    Favorite Primal food: Steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions

    Best part about being Primal: The best part is seeing the weight come off so quickly this month. I know it will slow down, but that has been a great motivator!

    Worst part about being Primal: Getting more vegetables in my diet has been hard. I'm not a big veggie eater (probably a big reason I'm overweight). I'll eat most vegetables cooked, but I have to choke down the raw stuff.

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    Congrats on the 14 pounds! Just ease into it and everything will be alright. I like to say "progress, not perfection".

    Best wishes,


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      Thanks, BeStill! I'm down 21 lbs now. My daughter agreed to try the PB once I hit 50. I can't wait until she's eating all these veggies with me!


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        Hit the 30 pound mark this week. I got my husband to give up grains, pop, and beans, and he's down 14 pounds. Yeah!


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          Congrats Beckster! I just hit the 30 lb mark this week too! (Which reminds me I need to change my signature!) It is so great when the ones we love join us on this journey to better living. My husband is down about 15 pounds this week, so he is on board. It's the teenager and the little guy that I struggle with. Trying to put the oxygen mask on myself before concentrating on them - maybe a new year's resolution?!
          Height - 5'8"
          SW - 191
          CW - 162
          GW - 155

          Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.


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            Update: Hit the 60 lb mark today! Great way to start the new year off right! Thank you everyone for your support.


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              great progress . did your daughter join when you hit 50 lb?


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                For about 3 days she ate primally. There's pretty much nothing but primal food in my house, though, so she generally has no choice. I'm a mean mom!!!


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                  Congrats! You are doing fantastic


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                    I hit 100 lbs lost today! It's about the half-way mark, but I'm still excited about hitting triple digits!!


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                      Amazing progress, congratulations


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                        I have been eating totally Primal for 6 weeks and only lost 5#. I take Lodine for arthritis, hope this isn't impairing weight loss. I don't eat starchy foods. Just low carb veggies and protein fixed primaly. I feel better but just wish the pounds would fall off. I had gastric bypass in 2005 and in last 2 years have put most of it back on. What do I DO????


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                          use the recipe in Primal Blueprint Cookbook - page 228. It is EXCELLENT