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  • Newbie from Brisbane

    Morning Primal Blueprinters. Just started the 21day challenge and loving it. 4 days down, and already I have lost some weight. Started Tuesday at 95.7kg and this morning down to 93.4kg. Yay !! I have been eating low or no sugar for a little while, but had not cut out the grains. This has to be the secret to success for me, although I'm pretty sure I will be craving for a lovely sandwich in a couple of weeks! I'll do my best...

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    Welcome! So many posts to read, so many recipes to try ..


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      Hello from the Gold Coast.... I started Primal about 3months ago. Big changes for my lifestyle so far with health improvents top of the list. I havent been totally strict about what I'm eating, have eliminated wheat and grains etc but every now and then remind myself that they are no good for me, lol. Need to get back on track with it though as weight loss has stalled (13kg so far), I think I'm bored and need to get into receipes etc or maybe I need a kick in the arse to remind myself why I made the changes!!

      Anyway welcome and good luck :-)