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  • Everything's been going great, until....

    Hi All,

    Been lurking around for about 6 weeks and finally decided to post because I have a question...

    I cut out all grains, sugars, gluten, SAD foods, etc about 2 months ago about the same time I started CrossFit. All has been well until Monday of this week. We did an incredibly difficult ab workout Monday am and by Tuesday night my entire belly was swollen, not to mention still on the upside of getting sore. The soreness seemed to reach its peak this morning, but then again I finally broke down and took 4 ibuprofen so I could breath more easily and stand up straight.

    Since Tuesday morning I've been swollen- looks like a very bloated belly - but My muscles are also so sore I'm unable to tell if my gastro discomfort is due to soreness or possibly some other confounding digestive distress. Ive no other digestive symptoms other than upset tummy, a feeling of bloatedness, and a bit of nausea, so here's my question:

    Is it possible to work your ab muscles (butterfly situps for time) so hard that the muscle damage causes visible swelling and digestive discomfort that lasts for going on 4 days?

    Would appreciate any insight.



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    It can for me, that's for sure. Not sure that that'll help you! You just have to do whatever you can to promote recovery and prevent reinjury of the muscles. Bone broth??
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      Not all that likely but a possibility in people who *really* overexert:

      Rhabdomyolysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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