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    Hi, been lurking on here for a bit and figured about time I posted something. I started working my way towards being more primal back in June, and have been becoming more strict with it as time went on. So far I'm down to 246 from 267, the lightest i've weighed in 2years. I had worked with 2 different nutritionists in the past but was never able to get below 253, the diet with both was the usual high protein, low carb, low fat. Biggest problem with it was lack of variety and lack of meal ideas so I got bored quick. So far with TPB I haven't gotten bored and thanks to the two cookbooks and these forums I have plenty of ideas to work with.

    My only grievance with TPB is the circular conversations I end up having with friends and family. I'll talk about it being high fat, moderate protein, low carb and they'll ask what I eat and respond "but isn't there a lot of fat in that?" , or "cutting out whole grains?, what do you expect to get out of that".

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    I homeschool my kids. Something that has gone around one of the message boards with this is that some family members will never approve of homeschooling, no matter what. And, because they are family, we are still obligated to get together with them for holidays and such. Because these conversations rarely celebrate the successes, people have learned that they have to change the subject. So the key words in the message board are when someone brings up how bad homeschooling is, is "Uh hu. Can you pass the beans, please? What about this weather we are having?" Basically, acknowledge they said something then change the subject. You will never convince them that your way is the right way, no matter what. So stop trying. Some people get off on making people angry, so don't give them what they want.

    Maybe for us it should be "Pass the meat please!"

    Congratulations on your current success! Keep on going and they will notice the changes, and it will be hard to argue with them.


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      I usually do not mention that my diet is high fat at first when I am talking to people. As you found out, it is such a "radical" concept over conventional "wisdom". I describe it as higher protein and low carb, sort of like Atkin. Now that I have lost over 25 pounds (Yeah!) some of my friends are now curious about paleo, but it is baby steps to overcome decades of conventional education.