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  • Hello from Michigan

    Hello everyone!

    I began my very first day of full on primal living today! I have been slowly depleting my need for chips and sweets over the last couple of weeks and today is off to a terrific start! The reason for me deciding to go Primal is because I have felt like I have let myself go. 2 years ago I was 26 5'10 and 175 pounds while serving in the Air Force. I decided to get married, got out of the Air Force, and recently my wife and I had a son. All of this combined for a 28 pound increase in weight. I still carry the weight rather well, but I just felt so unhealthy and I lost any endurance that I once had. So, I decided it was time to make a change. After reading here on the forums, purchasing the Primal Blueprint, and ordering the cookbook, I have started on a lifestyle change that will bring me back to the younger and better me!

    Thanks for all of the information that people have provided on this forum. It is really invaluable.