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    First post, recent lurker. I've read a ton of threads in the forum and, wow, what an eye opener. So much good stuff here. A little background on me:

    37, male, overweight/obese most of my life (a little pudgy in middle and high school, ballooned from there). Nutrition was rarely a focus in my house as a kid, although we never had a lot of the typical junk. Occasional soda, ice cream, etc. When I left home, I found my ice cream addiction pretty fast. Throw in a lot of Pepsi, and my weight went up to 280 and hovered there +/- 10 pounds for years. After my first wife passed, depression set in and I went up to 360. Horrible diet, totally sedentary. Pre-diabetic, swollen ankles, arthritis, acid reflux, miserable. Surprisingly, my blood pressure and heart rate always tested in the good range.

    After 5-6 years at that weight, I tried Atkins. I had good success and dropped 80 pounds in 3 months through pretty strict diet and a lot of gym time and walking. I went to Vegas and indulged myself and, upon returning, stumbled through a couple more months of Atkins but with a lot of cheats. Eventually, I stopped and more or less returned to old eating habits. Over two years, my weight crept back up to approximately 320 - what I weighed on 8/31/12. After years of dieting and up and down results, I know my weight within a few pounds by what clothes I can wear and how they fit. I'm a pro.

    My mother and brother started Paleo and CrossFit about 8 months ago and had great success, although my brother fell off the wagon. My mom looks pretty good and definitely eats better. For whatever reason, I never really considered it. It sounded like Atkins all over, and I dreaded going back to the shakes, protein bars, and their nasty "bread" mixes (I didn't know that wasn't the case). A couple weeks ago, I stumbled on this site after reading about Paleo on One site led to another, and here I arrived.

    On 9/1/12, I restocked my refrigerator and freezer with nothing but meats and veggies and eggs. I was hopeful but not overly optimistic. I've been down this road before. Knowing that Day 2-3 is when the cravings and headaches start, I cruised through the first day and expected the worst to follow. It never came. On Day 3, all my joint pain was gone. By Day 5, I realized I hadn't experienced ANY cravings. By Day 7, I could tell the weight was melting off.

    Today, Day 12, here is the current score. No pain, anywhere. No acid reflux. Sleeping through the night, 8 hours, and jumping out of bed energized. My face is clearing up, and I got a suntan where usually I just burn. My mind is sharp. My mood is improved. My energy is greater and more stable - no crashes. My clothes are much looser. Without weighing myself, I am certain I've dropped a minimum of 15 pounds. Probably 20. I'll drop a shirt size in a few more pounds. I already tightened my belt a notch. I am more confident in myself as the days pass. This requires NO willpower to overcome cravings, only the discipline to plan ahead and stick with the system. It's too easy.

    Thank you all for your contributions to the board. I look forward to learning from you and supporting one another as we improve our health together.

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    Welcome from Sacramento
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      Thank you from Merced