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Primal options at coffee shop

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  • Primal options at coffee shop

    I own a coffee shop and as you can imagine most of our products don’t fall under the primal category. We are trying to come up with some primal options other than drip coffee. Does anyone have a drink they order that is primal?

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    The coffee place near me offers unsweetened almond milk as an option for their lattes and such. You can also offer full-fat dairy options. Tea is primal too. I'd also love it if I could get an espresso con panna with unsweetened whipped cream.
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      Long Black works for me


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        i'm always looking for coffee shops that sell one or two spectacular green teas


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          Coconut milk, bulletproof coffee (is amazing), stevia sweetener, dark chocolate melted in drinks for a close to primal mocha (did that this weekend).
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            In the lunch section, with all the breads/pastries/etc., offer boiled eggs, some premium cheeses, or some plain veggies. Keep some unsalted butter and whipping cream under the counter for your "regulars"