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  • Hello from Long Beach

    Hello all, my name is Greg and I am starting to get back into being healthy. I've tried many different ways to eat and workout, and have always had a hard time sticking to them. Most recently, I was eating Primal, and was having quite a bit of success. I felt good, and was starting to take some of my extra weight off. But my father-in-law, who had been staying with us while my Wife recovered from back surgery became ill, and could no longer help with the meals. Preparing multiple meals every night did not last long, and neither did my Primal eating.

    But he is recovered and home, and my Wife is guardedly optimistic about Primal (she is diabetic). The gourmet grocery store I work at is also changing its format to natural foods, so I should have great access to great food. I really love "The Primal Blueprint", and the section on the Korgs makes for a great reality check. It seems to be a great community here, and I hope to learn alot from you all.


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    Hey! Good luck to you on your journey. I grew up alternating between Los Angeles and Upland. I'm new here too. Hopefully you get the results you're after.
    My Primal Journal:

    16 years old
    SW: 170
    CW: 162
    GW: 140

    Primal since 8/12/12.