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  • anxiously awaiting my books

    Ordered a few copies of the book, planning on passing them around... Anxiously awaiting them, but want to begin so today i've got 12oz of sashimi grade prime tuna for lunch and planning on some beefsteak & spinach for dinner.

    been walking the dogs, since I own/run two startups at the moment, I'm busier than can be and find myself in the CHAIR for 12 hours+ a day.

    Looking forward to "getting primal" with my eating, and would like to get the dogs back out in the woods soon, hopefully as soon as a couple projects wrap up, I'll move to 3-day weekends and take a full day out in the woods with the dogs every week. We hunt feral hog and let me tell you, eating wild pig is the best EVER. I generally toss back a scotch to nod off around midnight/1am, will need to cut that out too.

    Any other tips anyone can pass along as i get started on this journey would be appreciated