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    Hi all. First time poster, long time lurker!

    I decided to start a little journal myself just as a place to keep track and jot things down. Thought about a blog or a private journal but thought why not open it up, ya know?

    So I started actually attempting to go Primal about 2 months, but learned a lot the first week or so and have been 99% for a solid month and loving it. (I think 100% really but no one is perfect!)


    *22yr old male (Sept 5th 1986)

    *5' 10

    *150 lbs (now - was almost up to 160lbs before going Primal - leaned out ALOT since going Primal - no noticeable decreases in strength, judging by the weight I am moving in the workouts )

    *Fairly active (have been most of my life - soccer and continue to play for fun at least 2 nights a week in addition to 3 days a week of strength workouts and maybe a spin class or 2 a week and finally, just recently, one sprint day)

    *Goals: Of course - improved, optimal overall health. But now maybe put on some size while keeping the new, lean look)

    First off, I feel great and it just feels right living and eating like this! And this site and forum has been TONS of help - thanks guys!

    In the first few weeks, I dropped a good 5 lbs easy - wasn't really trying or concerned about it. I continued to drop as I tried a tried IF'ing one day a week. Love that btw.

    But now I am going to try to put on some size. Trying not to think or look at weight but I think it will help me track progress.... we will see.

    Eating - I have been eating almost the same thing everyday and have started to throw in some variety, but being in college right now, it is easy to just do what works and is easy. Here is a typical day:

    Usually 2 big meals and snack on veggies and avocado while preparing and maybe a tablespoon or two of almond butter sometime during the day.

    Breakfast - started at 3-4 eggs with 3 strips of bacon and now, for the last it has been 6 eggs, 4 strips of bacon and 3 slices of ham with veggies. So that gets me pretty full, but so much as I couldn't eat a little more and I am considering it (being able to afford it is the real factor in my mind there)

    Then I usually won't eat again until about 6-8 hours later which is 2/3 lb of beef (not grass fed, again - money. The bacon and ham are uncured and I am getting closer to justifying the grass fed beef) and another 6 eggs plus a chicken breast. This is where I usually munch on the veggies and almond butter. I am usually really full from that meal and that will be my day as far as eating.

    So I am thinking about just dropping the spin classes AND maybe the sprints and then just eating more and see what happens. Thinkg I am going to add a chicken breast and I just bought some coconut oil to use with everything. And I am going to try and find coconut milk.

    The strength workouts are fine - heavy weight, low rep range. Progress did slow a little bit, but I definitely haven't lost any strength or not that much at least.

    Going to stop the one 24 IF I have been doing also. Even though I am enjoying those fasted workouts.

    Supplements: General Multivitamin (mens one a day I think?), vitamin d - 6000 IU, 3g fish oil a day.

    Will try to get some progress pics up too!

    Whoa - wrote a little more than I thought. We will see how much I update this thread, I am usually not very good at these things, but I am gonna try!

    Thanks again! and feel free to let me know how much I am doing wrong! Always willing to learn more

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    Definitely eating more and feeling it - bloated. I will stick with it another week and see what happens


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      good luck to you i just started my journal today too. we are both trying to gain size!

      Get on my Level


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        well if you want to to gain weight I would suggest eating every 2-3 hours, not the 6-8 you've been doing

        make the meals smaller too, aim for two things a meal like a banana and 2 pieces of bacon for breakfast, a piece of chicken and small salad for dinner etc.


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          Thanks for the replies!

          I am not really worried about size or weight. And of the 2, size is in front of weight. They aren't my goals, just kind of "there" - like in my mind.


          I am feeling back to 'normal' today. Not sure what it was yesterday.

          So I have begun to eat more, which has decreased time between meals. I have not checked my weight, but I suspect that when I do, it should be up a few pounds.

          I still plan on getting some pictures on here!


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            Hmm.. I have been unusually hungry today - especially later in the day. I did just change to a new strength program (usually every 6 weeks). I am not sure if it is that or the increased eating....


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              I think that IF will help you... don't take it out! Brad P.'s (of the life spotlight (google it)) whole theory of strength-building is centered around doing workouts at the end of the fast for increased HGH which burns fat AND builds muscle. I think it also increases testosterone levels and improves insulin sensitivity of the muscles...

              Especially since you like fasting, KEEP IT UP!


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                I have been thinking about that. I have already missed IF and the fasted workouts.

                And found a cheap way to add some calories - coconut milk in my eggs! That's all so far. I guess I could use it in more things if/when I expand my cooking repertoire.

                Digging the new forums, too!


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                  Today is a fast day! Will break it later tonight. Had a nice brief 20 minute workout outside today also.

                  I went and bought some butter and loving it on everything! Have been adding lots of fat to my diet lately. From most to least: Coconut oil/milk, animal fats, avocado, olive oil, and now butter (which should move up the list). Also increased my Omega 3 supplementation after checking out Robb Wolf's/Whole 9 Fish oil calculator (and realizing why the bottle I have was so cheap - learning that you get what you pay for!)



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                    Cut my daily egg intake by half today given the recent post about eggs. After I am through this batch of eggs, I will cut out for a week and see how I feel. I love my eggs! I don't want to develop any allergies or anything haha.

                    So I did cut them out today for dinner and have already noticed I am less full. I kind of think that "full" feeling from the eggs might have been more of a bloated feeling just by difference in the way I feel. Instead of eggs, I just add a little more meat and some tuna fish (that has always been the only fish I would eat. Always related the gross smelly fresh off the dock fishy smell with all eggs - starting to entertain the idea of trying other seafood though).


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                      1 month ago - 150lbs ~6-8% BF - about 1 month 100% primal

                      today - 154lbs, 2 months 100%, haven't done BF again, but suspect around the same 6-8% BF

                      Last edited by fox; 06-15-2010, 09:04 AM.


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                        Great job Fox...I'm trying to work down to where you're at from 206.8. But I don't think I can get as low as build is a lot thicker naturally. You look great though.


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                          Yea, I have always had a small build. I am slowing trying to build to at least 160 and then I will see where I am at and if I can maintain it easily - if not, it might just not be in the cards for me. That is fine with me but I still want to find out haha


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                            Finally feeling back to normal, less bloated, stomach feels better after a very non-primal weekend. First time I have been non-primal since I started. Sucks. But Okay now.

                            Question for anyone that is still reading this thread: I am doing a 5k race this Saturday. I usually do my one 24 hour fast a week on Friday or Saturday. Should I start the fast Friday and end it after the race on Saturday morning or start the fast after the race and end it Sunday morning? Don't know if it would matter or if one would be more beneficial. I am not going to kill myself, just a leisurely 5k.


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                              Due for another update pic. Curious to see it myself. I hit my goal weight of 160lb. Have been less concerned with weight lately as I have been making nice progress on the lifts and size.

                              Thinking about adding whole milk to help with growth a little (I don't seem to have a problem with dairy). Back at home, busy schedule varies - not buying my own food as much, finding it difficult to get calories in. Doing well though. Still fasting also.