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    Hello All,

    Been browsing the site and forum for a few days now, just got the PB book otw from Amazon.

    So, cutting a long story short. I'm not new to 'primal' eating, have spent quite a bit of time over the last 3-4 years eating pretty paleo, interspersed with eating well and filling up with crap in the evenings!! I used to run quite a bit, and eating paleo I reached 81kg, and at 188cm (6'2 1/2") it wasn't a bad weight.

    I was living in Australia then, and moved back to the UK in Nov 2010. Went to the doc's in Jan 11 feeling crap, and I was 98kg!!!!! and hadn't even really realised. Elevated BP and a BMI of 28 odd put me on the trail to do something, and I got myself down to 90kg pretty easily, and finally reached 85ish.

    So, moving ahead a year, I was doing a little running still, and completed my personal training diploma, something that I had nearly finished in Australia, and having spent 10 years of my life in the UK fire service, I was (and still am) pretty into fitness.

    I have played with kettlebells for a few years, and now run a few group kettlebell sessions per week. 40 mins of hard slog with relatively low weights/high reps. It's a good workout, and although I don't do all of every session, as I need to instruct, I get a pretty good amount of exercise in each week just doing this.

    My real passion is functional training, I really don't go much for the crunches, or even the pushups for the sake of them. I enjoy suspension training with the TRX, kettlebells, and a heap of body-weight stuff, as well as some resistance band work with lots of core rotation work, TVA activation, that sort of thing.

    I decided to get back on track with the eating thing last week, and was actually going to do the Atkins Induction phase for two weeks. 3 days in I took another look at Mark's Daily Apple, and really looked into what he was talking about, ordered the book, and am enjoying eating primal again.

    I was 86.9kg last Monday. Today, a week later I was 84kg. I had a slight headache on Thursday, thought nothing of it, but the groggy head has continued till today, I still have it. I really didn't think I would get any carb withdrawals as I have eaten fairly low carb a lot in recent months, apart from the carb blowouts on the odd evening. Still, I am at 100% primal for the last week and expect the head issue to go soonish.

    My goal, to get to 10-12% BF, I am probably at 18% or so now. If I can shed the fat, there should be some reasonable definition there, I reckon on 10-12 pounds of fat or a little more.

    Looking forward to the journey. At 44 years old, I am probably a fair bit fitter than many of my age and younger, but I have my own personal goals to meet and want to really get to a point where I have all the mobility, explosiveness and strength I want. Not had a decent 6 pack since my twenties, and although this is purely aesthetic, it would be kinda nice.

    Anyway, Will keep you updated on how things go over the coming months.


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    Sounds like you are off to a great start!


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      Originally posted by PureFunctionalFitness View Post
      At 44 years old, I am probably a fair bit fitter than many of my age and younger
      Welcome to the forum.

      I used to tell myself that "I am OK because I can do the suff I want." At 5'11" when I hit 17st 2lbs in March I decided enough was enough and looked for a way forward. I found it with cutting out wheat products and doing HIT rowing & strength training. 14st 6lbs this morning. Legs of jelly and arms like wet spaghetti after the strength training this morning. Caught some rays walking to the gym and staggering back too.
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