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Healing my Thyroid

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  • Healing my Thyroid

    Hi all,

    Last year I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid, and took Carbamizole (am in UK) for several months. Come December 11 I was horrified by the hard mass of abdominal fat that was building up on my body - it literally did not feel like a part of me, quite revolting and different to the usual 'skinny fat' stuff that I had carried for years. ( ex veggie for 27 yrs, meat eating intermittently for past 5 yrs, but mostly a carbo freak!).

    I decided to stop the meds and turn to diet and lifestyle modifications instead.

    Started by cutting out processed food and as much sugar as possible, but this was hard.
    I altered my workload ( self employed) and this helped a lot with stress levels.

    But was very aware that my health was only just balancing out and felt very vulnerable to relapse.

    Just 6 weeks ago I was told about the GAPS diet and on the back of this I found Mark's website.
    Bingo! A combo of the two approaches ( I am totally convinced about the need to replenish the gut flora) has so far resulted in great improvements. I still eat some organic dairy but have found the no grains pretty easy to do, once I understood the principles behind it all.

    To start with I was intuiting that exercise was a no-no ..... I just allowed that feeling for about a month and now I am out to walk the dog last thing at night, even after a busy day- what utter bliss to feel that motivation to do that!!!
    Planning to begin rebounding next week. Does Mark mention this form of exercise anywhere? For me it brings in the element of play!

    My last blood test was normal ( this was back before I began the Primal/GAPS) and I will have another soon which will be interesting. Not that I need one really- I know how well I am becoming!

    Have lost some body fat ( weight is usually around the 8 stone mark) but still skinny fat and looking forward to honing all of that up once the activity levels are turned up.

    I wouldnt have changed any of this for the world, despite the suffering and the worry intially after diagnosis.
    And my dog benefits too- have just put him onto raw food too! Almost immediately he stopped smelling 'dog'.
    The sound of him chomping thro bones, music to my ears!