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  • (Re)Introduction

    Hey all, I'm Jim. Originally started PB back in October 2011 at 305lbs give or take a pound or two. Dumped 20lbs+ in October and November, and was generally doing well. Then, I started lifting again. Along with the lifting, I fell back into old habits, and to make a long story short, I found myself at the beginning of last week back at 305. It's not entirely bad - I am at a lower body fat % than I was before, and am stronger, but am really not where I want to be in terms of physique.

    So anyhow, I'm back. Started again on 8/13 at 305lbs, and by 8/17 I had already dropped to 299. I knew it was the PB going to work, because I constantly felt warm despite having a few cooler days in there, and I had the slightest bit of the carb withdrawals.

    Was in northern WI on vacation this weekend, and came back a bit heavier, but noticed today that the body is already dumping the water that was attached to those carb molecules. Will probably weigh in tomorrow morning for one last check before ignoring the scale for a couple of weeks.

    Stats: 28 years, 6'7", SW 305, GW 260(then we'll see from there), wearing XXL shirts and 38 jeans.

    It's good to be back!

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    Welcome back!


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      Welcome back Jim.

      Likewise I've lives the PB lifestyle before, but then strayed only to then appreciate how good the PB truly us. Back and committed now.

      All the best,


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        Good luck!
        My Primal Journal:

        16 years old
        SW: 170
        CW: 162
        GW: 140

        Primal since 8/12/12.