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  • Hey...

    So this is the obligatory Hey new there post. Here is my story:

    So I am fat. Not exactly unhealthy (ok so I don't actually know cause I don't go to the doctor) but way fat. As I get older I started to realize and freak out that I am going to end up like my mother. And not in the good way with fond memories but in the bad way of her getting pulled over for DUI cause her blood sugar is out of control (type 2 diabetes). Right now I am so fat that it hurts to get up from my morning climb of three flights of stairs to work is like freaking torture and a good reason to call in sick.

    So I am all of 5'2" but I like to round up to 5'3" especially when I poof my hair. I weight in at 245 and I am 33 years old. I am fairly certain I am about to die to to my weight.

    I have tried and tried to lose weight. I tried Atkins like 10 years ago but it was too restrictive. I tried WW lost 40 lbs then quit and gained back 25. I quit cause they kept changing formulas and wanting me to buy more of their crap.. F that noise! Recently I found MyfitnessPal and I tried that but I was supposed to keep to 1700 cal a day and I rarely if ever got there....I was always over... no mater how much I watched what I ate. And by watched I mean... i at high fiber low fat just like WW taught me.... but I would end up in a binge mode pretty frequently.

    So I started trying Primal like two weeks ago. The first week I did fine and was amazed my the lack of hunger and energy. This week was a disaster. I have the energy but I think I am dying absolutely dying of hunger. I am so hungry it hurts. Even after I just eat there is a hole in my tummy and its empty. It makes me really nervous. I have read through all the old posts and females being hungry is pretty common. so is the idea of having to watch cals... I also think I am going through like a carb withdrawal panic mode.... but still...I am scared..

    So wish me luck on my journey. I hope that I can make it.


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    good luck!!
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      Good luck, you can do it!

      Love the poofing the hair tactic!


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        Heya, welcome home. So what is your fat intake like? many folks start out fat phobic and are always hungry. I suggest a couple of weeks where you really increase the fat intake, good butter, Evoo, fatty cuts of porK etc. This along with all the veggies you should be eating should put a plug in the tummy hole. I dont give a damn about calories myself but I am a man so YMMV. I eat when I am hungry, always mindful of when I become satisfied and not a bit more. I make each meal as I can on a small plate, 60% of it is veggies and the rest meat and carbs and fat. I have to learn to eat slowly and chew instead of gulping my food so I know when I have had enough.
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          Aww.. you sound like you're ready to make a change but not sure anything will work for you.

          As a girl, and one who experienced that hopelessness of counting calories, trying to fill up on fiber low fat crap, and that gnawing binge-eating monster... the only way I made a successful transition to Primal was to throw my old ideas out the window. I ate as MUCH as I wanted of primal food for the first 3 weeks until I could feel my hunger/appetite subsiding and my energy consistent. I ate 3 eggs scrambled in lots of butter and bacon or sausage for breakfast, tons of huge salads with fatty skin-on (mm) chicken and heavy hand of olive oil and balsamic vinegar AND cheese for lunch, dinner I could put away a huge steak piled with sauteed (in butter) mushrooms and onions. And if I was still hungry, I reached for those giant "fresh" pepperoni sticks you can buy at the deli, almonds walnuts and pecans, and a piece of fruit at the end of the day.

          I maintained my weight fairly well doing this.. and over a couple weeks, it made the transition easier because I wasn't hungry, I felt satisfied and content with all the yummy fat, and I was getting to eat things that were "forbidden" in my low-cal, low-fat days. That way I wasn't obsessing about all the food I WASN'T eating - grains, sugar, junk that made me constantly exhausted, aching, foggy head.

          After a couple weeks my appetite just started shrinking until I wasn't hungry - ever! - at breakfast. It happened naturally, where I just wouldn't feel like anything until nearly 10am and so I went with it. Then I noticed I wasn't as hungry for dinner so my portions were a little smaller. When I didn't feel crazy about it.. I tightened up the reins a little and headed for stricter primal waters Cut the pepperoni, cut the nuts and cheese, didn't gorge myself on butter. I still allow some butter and cheese, but I don't feel the gnawing hunger anymore and it's easy to restrict when I decide it's weight loss time. Even if I "cheat" for a few days (like yesterday) I feel fine the next day getting back on track without that binge monster lurking.

          Just my 2 cents on how to transition - my husband also did the same thing..unlimited Primal food and then cut back after a couple weeks. Hope it helps in some way


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            Originally posted by obsessed View Post
            I also think I am going through like a carb withdrawal panic mode.... but still...I am scared..

            So wish me luck on my journey. I hope that I can make it.
            All it takes is won't power. I won't go back to eating grains.

            Good luck.
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              It is very normal for appetite to cycle eating this way. The weeks when you are really hungry, go ahead and eat enough to be satisfied. For me, those weeks are a little shocking because I eat sooooo much, but my appetite always dies back down and then I have a week of undereating. Now after a couple of years of primal eating, the swings are not quite as dramatic, but they still happen.

              Welcome to primal eating. It is fantastic and really is an amazing way to be able to love and feel good about your food and have a healthy weight at the same time.
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                Regarding your hunger... can you show us a sample menu of what you eat in a day? It could be your body adjusting to the change, or you could be consuming too little (or some not-so-ideal things).
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