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    Hello,all just new to primal .i live in a very small town.they are really hiibilly living to get organic meat is very hard.we go to a local supermarket that cuts there on you think that would be ok. Thanks

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    Yes. If you can get grass-fed beef so much the better. If not, the difference isn't huge enough to matter. And it's all better than buying processed food. Grass-feeding the cattle is very much more sustainable and better for the landscape, but grain-fed will do unless and until you can find a better source.


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      Thank you so much!


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        You can also order grass fed meats online and have them delivered if you would like to try it.


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          Try to trim off at least some of the fat on the grain fed, grocery store bought meats. If your goal is weight loss, either meat will do.
          And yes, either way it's a huge step up from processed food.


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            I never will eat processed food made me feel so bad for years,that and sugar...unreal how food can make you feel like that.i went from 0 energy to 8 over a wheels time ...I love my New found 55 years retired and have a great life,not worth feeling bad day in and day out...


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              I agree with getting grass-fed meat online if you can't get it local. I have a hunch you can find something though! Check out to see what's around you, and if all else fails just check out Marks' meat supplier links on his primal resource page.
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