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So today it begins, crappy health is a thing of the past :)

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  • So today it begins, crappy health is a thing of the past :)

    Hi guys

    I'm a 16 yo girl looking to FINALLY start Primal. To do that, I plan to become a much more active member here.

    I keep telling myself I will, then mess up, for reasons like family dinners/pressures, convenience (snacks), etc.
    I've got a handle on it now, and am in the clear to begin official Paleo.
    I've done low carb before, and lost ~20 pounds doing the HCG diet, but that was rapidly gained back because my dire carb cravings. I would binge and then try to starve myself, and binge again.
    I also have been bulimic for the past few years, but have gotten that under control this summer. My last "episode" was three months ago, which is an achievement for a quad-weekly binger as I was.
    I'm doing this mostly for weight reasons, as well as insulin resistance/pre-diabetes and general sucky health.
    I want to change my life and enjoy the rest of it in the best shape possible.

    Where I currently stand I would like to lose 30+ lbs...I'm 5'4" and at ~170. I like 140, but I don't know if I'll stop there!
    I haven't calculated daily calories/carbs, right now I'm just focusing on phasing out the grains and refined sugar.
    I'm still allowing some potatoes because it makes eating meals with my family simpler, and eases the deprivation.

    My issue is that I have really terrible carb cravings, which I'm trying to fix so I can feel better doing this.
    Depression and anxiety are also a part of my life.

    I'm supplementing right now with B6, 1000mg magnesium, 1000mg acetyl l-carnitine, 200-400mg GABA, 1000mg l-tryptophan, and potassium which I just ran out of. These have made me feel slightly better about the carbs and in a much better mood, mostly.

    So. my menu today:
    Tomato soup with mini meatballs
    ~200g ground lamb cooked in tahini sauce
    a small portion of sauteed potatoes
    some fried eggplant

    3 whole eggs, fried in butter
    small amount of cheese

    Then I was craving something sweet, and very lemony.
    So I made "Paleo" lemon curd, with egg yolk, stevia, lemon juice, and butter.

    Later I had more leftover tahini lamb bake.

    I feel pretty satisfied right now, and physically full, but I have a headache and that sickly weak feeling that I get when I don't eat carbs regularly. I'm a known hypoglycemic, but every time I eat carbs my insulin drops me waaaay down. This week, after two good-feeling days of Paleo-style eating, my mom had an Italian night where I indulged. That left me feeling weak and disgusting all night, which reinforced this lifestyle for me.

    I'm really excited to learn more and progress in my journey.
    I'll post measurements soon, and look forward to meeting you all
    My Primal Journal:

    16 years old
    SW: 170
    CW: 162
    GW: 140

    Primal since 8/12/12.

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    Welcome, and stay strong. Keep the carbs at bay and try some of the "new" primal foods that are oh so yummy and totally approved, say fruit & almond butter, or some nuts (macadamia, pecan, etc.).

    Good luck!

    Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
    My sporadic journal entries are here.

    Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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      Thankfully, I've been successful thus far!
      Minimal carb cravings...
      Today I ate okra and tomato stew with lamb shanks. I dutifully sucked the marrow out (the first time!) and the bones are on the side to be stewed.
      I weighed my self as well, I am at 165, which is a nice surprise, because I expected 170+. So I'd like to start off by aiming for a 25lb weight loss.
      My Primal Journal:

      16 years old
      SW: 170
      CW: 162
      GW: 140

      Primal since 8/12/12.