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Feeling dizzy, tired and lightheaded

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  • Feeling dizzy, tired and lightheaded

    I just started reading PB and I am adopting the eating choices and philosophy as I go. I am a little over halfway done and for the most part I feel great and I feel like I have believed this philosophy my whole life, I just needed someone to tell it to me. I am 47 and I wouldn't say that I am athletic but I am very active, I workout, play softball, and in general I keep myself in decent shape. But a few times during this transition to a new eating lifestyle, I have noticed that even after just eating, I feel hungry and drained and once or twice I have felt really light headed. From everything that I am reading I thought that I would be feeling the opposite. I'd like to find out if this is normal to go through or if I am doing something wrong. I have been taking this on for about 3-4 weeks now. I have really cut out almost all grains. But I also have had a few, 3-4, instances where I have had pasta, a sweet potato, and even a few slices of pizza and beer. (That was a really bad day). I really want to embrace this lifestyle but the lightheaded and dizziness really scares me. I'm hoping its something simple to adjust.
    Thanks in advance for any input.
    Dave Pastor

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    Sounds to me like carb flu. Use the search field and type that in and you'll find lots of results. Here's one of the examples of such posts.


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      Originally posted by Java Beansoup View Post
      ... lightheaded and dizziness really scares me. I'm hoping its something simple to adjust.
      Drinking a little more water together with some electrolytes will probably do that. For why that would be so see here:

      The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt II


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        Hey Dave!

        Sounds like the carb flu. This Primal thing really gets in there deep and changes the chemistry, which is presumably why you are here and doing this. It gets oogly a bit as you get "fat-adapted". My carb flu lasted every day for 5 weeks, and then some weeks for final adjustment. But that is me and my body. Most of us have experience with the fat/keto-adapted carb flu thing. It does go away. And then you get the benefits!

        You are sending signals to your body every time you swallow something, and in your case, you are decreasing the carbs and the body has begun to take notice. Take the advice of the two others before me - don't skimp on fats (they are your body's new fuel) and keep researching, i.e. learning. Unless you are doing wicked stuff like passing out (in which case you should get thyself to the doctor, please!), just kind of note how and what you are feeling, and give it time to pass.

        You will note very quickly that everybody here has their favorite "tweak" to the Primal Blueprint. Some live in Very Low Carb land for good reason, and some can't go that low. Some need insane amounts of food due to nursing or extremely active lives, and some are limiting portions. Some still "do" dairy, some don't. Some must limit whole classes of fruits/veggies for health reasons, in addition to the PB basic plan. What we all have in common is the basic PB, and the fact that nobody knows how we feel and perform better than ourselves, so we compare notes a lot and then decide for ourselves.

        As you finally completely ditch the grains, you will feel different again. This "feeling" thing is an individual process for each of us, and you will learn to trust it. You can't really be doing much wrong - you are choosing fresh, whole foods, and all 3 macronutrient groups are represented, just in a different ratio to one another. The Primal isn't low-calorie, it is low-carb, and you will soon learn the negative power of too much sugar (natural or otherwise) in your food, and the positive power of limiting the sugar that gets dumped into the bloodstream - by how you feel (and perform). The only thing you could possibly do "wrong" at this point, is not eat enough, or waffle in and out of Primal, which only serves to prolong the transition (but which you didn't say you were doing).

        Keep on writing us, and you should be out of it soon enough!

        p.s. go to the recipe board and look up "meatza" - the Primal version of a pizza...
        I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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          Thanks for all the advice. It helps just to have it affirmed that it is normal and part of the transition.