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Going Primal with Grave's Disease/Hyperthyroidism. Anyone else out there?

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  • Going Primal with Grave's Disease/Hyperthyroidism. Anyone else out there?

    Hello! So I will try and keep this short, I would rather post my "life story" in my journal. For years I have been struggling with fluctuating weight gain/loss, severe anxiety, spurts of insomnia, acne (and other skin problems), highly irregular menstrual cycles, joint and dexterity problems, mood swings, depression, fluctuating sex drive, and mainly irregular/rapid heart rate which sent me to the ER twice (tachycardia), and just about any other symptom you can think of...and yet no doctor could diagnose me in all that was actually a therapist who suggested I get my thyroid checked and a doctor who suggest I see a therapist!? Anyways...two months ago I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease with severely high levels of the thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism). I was both relieved with this diagnosis (I am not crazy!) and upset (hard to cure disease!). I have been on Methimazole and Toprol for over 60 days now with no improvements...except with my heart rate which was a nice and slow 59 at my appointment the other day (at one point it got to 174)... Now getting to why I am here, I recently moved to Brooklyn NY after graduating from college down south and since I have been here, I have met a number of paleo/primal eaters who have had a huge influence on my decision to give this a shot. One of them being my roommate who has agreed to give up her 20% and restart her 30 days with me all over again (she's the best!) Since my diagnosis I have been researching like crazy, ways to achieve remission because the thyroid meds take years! and I don't want surgery or radiation (yuck!) Some swear by a diet of green smoothies, which I enjoy but that's not a lifestyle change. So what happens with this...I am so curious!! In the past 5 days, after weeks of not sleeping or barely sleeping, I have changed my habits, cut out the drinking set a schedule for myself and been walking/running the same 4 mile trail everyday and I have not felt this good or this tired in i don't even know how long...Exactly 3 days ago I got my labs taken for my thyroid and in exactly 30 days I will get them again. I started paleo yesterday and I am dying to see what the results will be... Could this be the answer to this "Grave" obstacle in my life?! Has it been in yours or someone you know? Either way I am looking forward to feeling great and looking even better. Here's to a more fit, healthy body and an even stronger mind!

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    Don't know if you're still out there, but have you seen this? I just got some bloodwork to check for hyperthyroid (had it about 10 or so years ago when I was a teenager so might be back ). I'm starting here with some research...