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A normal response to fiber? Warning - TMI

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  • A normal response to fiber? Warning - TMI

    Hello one and all! I am a newbie to the primal lifestyle. I have been 'going primal' for about 6 weeks, and have pretty much given up nearly all bread/pasta/beans. I normally depended on a heavy influx of fiber (lentils, beans, fruit) for regularity. Without these carbs in my diet, things aren't 'regular' (freaks out Dh), but I don't feel particularly uncomfortable. I try to keep the majority of my carb consumption (less than 100 g/day) in the evening hours. The other night, I made lentils for dinner (along with chicken and salad). I had room for the lentils (carb-wise), and ate a full cup.

    Let me tell you, I got very nervous with the response of my body!!! About 2:30 in the morning, I woke up very uncomfortable - no, in PAIN. I felt sick to my stomach, very shaky, and cramping. It took a while (sorry folks), but things carried through normal channels, but I felt as if I had food poisoning. I have no digestive sensitivities or issues(or do I?), but man oh dear, I will be careful next time I have legumes! Was this an indication of a food allergy, or just my 'going Primal' gut complaining about what I asked it to process? Freaky...

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    Happens to me every time I eat something like this. You need to build up a 'resistance' to legumes Can't just dump A CUP of them in there without warning!
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