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  • grokling

    Hi i need HELP!
    i think i must have misunderstood some of the information on primal eating as i am starting to put on weight instead of losing it, i have wholeheartedly taken on primal eating ie one egg and two rashes bacon for breakfast
    then maybe an apple thru the day if i am hungry and handful nuts then main meal in eve is always some meat or fish with veg, now im thinking is it because i put butter on my veg and have cream in my coffee. should i be stearing clear of the fats altogether if im trying to lose weight ? oh and i do lots of walking and some weights and 2 spins a week.

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    Here's a link to a post where Mark shows a typical day's eating: Low Carb Sample Menu | Mark's Daily Apple
    And here's a good place to look for Definitive Guides, etc:
    In general it sounds to me like you might not be eating ideally, so your body might be hoarding fat...or you might not be getting enough sleep, or too stressed, or you may be putting muscle (which is good!) can be lots of things really. Read through the excellent material and give it time--I didn't feel like I was on a rhythm until about a month in. Have you been at it a while? What is your weight and fitness like now? And welcome!


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      Hi tom
      thanks for info, to be honest i am very confused yes i am putting muscle on because i can see it, my arms and legs seem to be getting there and definately shaping up slowly but i seem to be putting weight on around my middle, i think i was just shocked when i weighed myself and i had put on a pound instead of losing it , i have been on it for about 4 weeks at the start say acouple of weeks in i looked great but then i started with the whipped cream and little treats (primal treats though) berries nuts butter etc so maybe i will cut that out for a bit, and thanks again i am loving this community thing its fab !!!