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Jumping in head first but need encouragement

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  • Jumping in head first but need encouragement

    Hey all, I switched to eating primal after trying several diets and never feeling good. I lost over 40lbs the CW way, but was always hungry and tired and sore. I have switched to Primal after reading mark's book this last weekend. It has helped explain a lot about how I have felt and the flawed nature of CW. I am surprised by just switching what I have eating how little a need to fuel my body and still feel like energetic. But as of last night and this morning I felt terrible. I assume it's the Low Carb flu that is discussed here. My body hurts, I can't sleep, thus I am tired, I have no appetite, and my head is pounding 24/7. From what I understand this is normal and should stop in a few weeks as my body switches fuels.
    I need some encouragement from the Primal community. I am feeling rough and not getting any help from my family. They tell me if I eat grains I wouldn't feel like this. The first day was great the last two have been terrible. How much longer do I have to expect this to go on?
    Okay enough with the pity talk haha. I love this lifestyle, I have been outside more, and the sun feels great. I am playing with my dog more which I know she loves. I haven't gotten to the gym yet on account of the way I feel. Before I would go because I had to but Mark says if your feeling bad just rest. So that's what I am doing. I hope the gym goes well as I am an avid gym rat haha.
    Looking forward to some good news from the Primal Community..

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    Go to the gym. It may make you feel better and get the detox moving faster. The headaches only lasted a day or two for me and that was back on my first no grains attempt. Subsequent times I have had none at all. Grain free forever now. Can't argue with results.


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      You can do this. You know you can.


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        Thanks guys.. I have been trying to eat on top of the upset stomach. I know I need at least something to eat how ever little it is. I have a yoga class scheduled for tonight. I will go to that, hopefully the relaxation will kill these early pains. I may hit the gym after for some blueprint fitness. Maybe a light sweat may get the fat fuel burning process jumpstarted..


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          I didn't feel quite as bad as you, but it was 2-3 weeks of not-quite-right for me before it all lined up (I did my first IF at about 3 weeks, and that seemed to seal the deal). I think you better eat something, though, or you'll be feeling bad from all sides! But make it easier to digest, so maybe lay off the dairy, have some fish and some fruit, but stay away from those grains and sugar. You can do it--you'll look back and thank yourself!


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            I felt rubbish for 2 weeks, i felt like it would go on forever, but then it lifted and i felt soooooo much better. It is so worth it! I'll never go back because i don't want to go through that again

            Please stick with it, you will feel so much better. Make sure you eat, drink plenty of water, and just take it easy until you feel better.