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    So hello everyone. I just want to start with how happy I am to find that primal works for me. After a rocky start I got serious and 3 weeks in I've lost 8 ponds and feel awesome. That being said my family takes prepping seriously and the question came up if prices doubled for all the yummy fresh meat and veggies Ive been eating what would I do? And more than that what would I put in the stockpile? I know how to stretch cheap foods from growing up poor but beans and rice and casseroles aren't primal. I'm curious to hear some ideas from the veterans here. Food has to be easy to store and I'm a novice hunter and fisherman.

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      I think there's a difference between what you store for emergencies and the normal everyday "extra" that you stockpile. For emergencies, you would still want to store things like white rice and maybe beans that aren't too terrible and will keep for a long time. I don't know if you listen to Jack Spirko's podcast (it's really good), but here's something he wrote about it:

      Survival Tenet #5 | The Survival Podcast

      As far as saving money on daily food, I don't know how well things grow where you are (I'm in the desert and we only grow rocks and a few roma tomatoes), but growing your own food and even saving the seeds might be a good idea. Yet another link:

      Survival Tenet #3 | The Survival Podcast

      And another:

      The Self-Sufficient Gardener - The Podcast FOR Sustainable Vegetable Gardening and Other Food Systems


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        thanks but I really do need some ideas

        Originally posted by vitaniya
        Proper diet is very important.So,too much is not good.:O
        I've been reading thru several forums to get some ideas but I'm coming up short. In Grok's day, he would move until he found food. Or die. However, we have the ability to read the signs and make preparations to stay put and stay safe and healthy. I could just go back to what I know, storing up rice, beans, lentils, spam, etc and cut portions to maintain my ability to eat semi regularly if prices go to Hell or supplies or whatever might happen. I was hoping for some concrete suggestions about what I might store when I can't get fresh meat, fresh eggs, raw milk, and the garden dried up or winter came or whatever. I'm spoiled, I admit it. I eat food that is good for me that came from a long ways away. If I had to rely on what I could produce, right now we'd be getting ready for famine. Drought took all three of our gardens, that we watered, due to the high temperatures. SO now we store up and hope for the best. Any specifics about how to honor eating primally while eating from food stores I've put up is what I really need. I've got cans and cans of meat, and vegetables. I ate meatless for years when I was poor, but all that is how I gained so much weight. I don't want to come out the other side of 'whatever' and be worse off for it. I don't want to go back to eating cheap filling pasta and rice and beans and not stay healthy. I guess I could buy a 5 year supply of Primal Fuel


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          Pemmican - totally primal, stores easily.


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            Once you've reached your target/goal weight or measurements, fitness level: you could try eating less meat & more veggies. Celery is cheap, lol. Join a meat &/or dairy coop. Prepaying membership & food orders saves money & travel/gas expense coz you shop in stores less. Ordering online. Go fishing or hunting more. Grow a garden w/ the extra investment of underground irrigation system inplace & even in the fall & winter, window gardens for herbs work great. If you have big windows or a sun room, grow potted veggies, easy ones like cukes & peppers etc, if you live in an area with lots of sunshine.... If you live in the country, raise animals. Even people in the city with a back yard often but not always, can have a chicken coop. But you leave the rooster out of the equation. "Cocka doodle doo" @ 5:50am every morning will NOT make your neighbors into allies...
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              After reading your original and followup posts, I see a few different issues: "That being said my family takes prepping seriously and the question came up if prices doubled for all the yummy fresh meat and veggies Ive been eating what would I do?" and "...if prices go to Hell or supplies or whatever might happen." So...are you concerned about prices going up or are you concerned with food shortages or are you concerned that the world might end...?

              We have friends who are serious preppers and have ROOMS filled with 'cheap food'...rice, beans, white flour, sugar, salt, anything that can be 'canned' as well as cases of toilet paper...the most important thing ;-) But these friends are prepping for (in their words) the end-of-the-world scenario where everything would collapse, food supplies would be cut off and they'd have to defend their property from "zombies". I think in that scenario, just having any food would be the primary goal. Heck...they even have food that they can trade with the "zombies"...whatever...

              Now for DH and I, we live a self-sufficient lifestyle in the country with the closest "big" city being a back-road, 20 minute trip one way so 'running' to the store for a can of green beans just isn't done. So in our situation, we raise fresh produce in our summer garden which includes tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplant, summer squash, snow peas, onions and garlic. We also have an apple orchard that we planted and raise strawberries in planters. We eat all summer from what we grow, and we belong to a CSA to supplement what we don't. In preparation for winter, we work with local farmers and purchase locally grown vegetables, strawberries, blueberries and peaches that we vacuum seal and freeze. Additionally, we source our grass-fed beef, pastured pork, chickens and eggs locally; all of which are sustainably raised. We purchase enough in one buy to keep two of us fed for one year (with the exception of the eggs that we pick up once a month). In the winter, we grow fresh lettuce, tomatoes and herbs in pots on a rack that sits in front of a south-facing window.

              Of course, we're very fortunate that we DO live in the country and that we have two commercial freezers, but we also live on a limited income and are forced to live frugally from month to month. We even heat with wood that we log, limb, buck, split and stack ourselves (who needs a gym???). But when it comes to our food, we are SUPER particular.

              Not everybody can live the way we do, but we have to make choices that are good for us. You may want to evaluate what you really need and just go from there. There is always a way to make things work if you really want to. You can do this.
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                Astrolgal, that is so wonderful, we all could take lessons from you.


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                  Originally posted by JudyCr View Post
                  Astrolgal, that is so wonderful, we all could take lessons from you.
                  Sometimes our lifestyle choice "feels" like I AM a caveman! That..., or I'm living in the 1700'
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                    I'm a primal prepper too and deal with this issue. It's true that rice and wheat store for 20 years, but that's because they aren't real food!

                    Mostly I focus on canned meats (including fish), pemmican, frozen meats and vegetables, dehydrated veggies, and pemmican. Did I mention pemmican?
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                      Honestly, I don't think white rice is exactly The Seed of Satan, and it might be a good, clean, filling source of calories in an emergency situation. I wouldn't see a problem storing some. Just make sure you have a supply of clean water.