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Is Quinoa Okay to eat?

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  • Is Quinoa Okay to eat?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Ok is the right word. it's a pseudo-cereal, not a true grain, that must be rinsed well (more than once for sure) to remove all the saponins on the surface of each seed. Can also be soaked & lightly sprouted, though that changes the experience when cooked. If I wanted a grain dish, I'd go for rice, quinoa or buckwheat. All are "ok" for me.
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      Hello gatorbait! Nice name. Mark actually did a post devoted to quinoa and primal starch sources here:
      Alternatives to Grains? | Mark's Daily Apple

      To summarize: It's OK. Not the best, but far from the worst. I enjoy it from time to time - maybe once a month or so - and I know many PBers do as well.

      I've been listening to Robb Wolf's podcasts for a time and one I recently listened to mentioned that quinoa is pretty benign but can cause some irritation in the gut, especially with those with celiac's/gluten intolerance. I have celiac's and although I sometimes feel a little bloated the day after eating it, it isn't anything worth deterring me from my occasional, small wasabi-butter quinoa side.

      Hope that helps!
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        Thanks, I appreciate the info.