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Day 3 and....

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  • Day 3 and....

    I've really stuck to it. No sugar/grains/carbs. Okay, I've mostly stuck to it. I had a total melt down last night and scarfed and apple with a ridiculous amount of almond butter attached to it. Still well WELL below the 100g carbs though. And still on plan. I've even started drinking coffee without any sugar/sweetener. It's not that bad!

    What I can't wrap my head around is how much fat I've been eating. And MyFitnessPal/FitBit sites are yelling at me for exceeding my 1200 calories (which are probably too low anyway given my size). In fact, the stats those sites are giving me are a little terrifying, but that's my old "dieting" ways talking to me. I'm trying to focus ONLY on the number of carb grams for these 21 days and not worry about the other numbers.

    So I'm doing it! I'm going to make my way through that 21-day Transformation Workbook. Though I didn't do the exercises I was supposed to do yesterday as time got away from me. Will make up and do them today.

    Can anyone recommend a chin-up/pull up bar that can support over 200lbs and that I don't have to screw into a wall?


    Is starting a blog here a good way to get answers to questions like these? Not really sure where the right place to go for that is and don't want to bother people with posting in wrong places.

    Thank you!