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Sort of already Primal, intro, issues

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  • Sort of already Primal, intro, issues

    Ok! Where to begin? Oh yeah...who the heck am I?
    My name is Mona...I'm 34 and Mom to 7 kids, ranging in age from 16 down to my almost 3 year old twins. My sweetie is 40 and we live in a small town in Ontario called Terrace Bay. Don't blink, you'll miss it. Most of my kids were born at home without medical support, we homeschool and I'm starting my own business making chainmaille jewellery and other pieces.

    Primal? We've been doing something similar for quite a while. Just with grain while limiting sugars. Closer to the Weston A. Price recommendations. Fermented grains, etc. So not perfectly Primal, but better than the SAD. It helps that I grew up with a German, old-fashioned mother who believed that real food was better than boxed food. (Yay Mom!)

    Issues with it? The whole organic/grass fed bit. For most people, it isn't an issue. For me, it is. My local store is very expensive and carries little in the way of organic foods. Example? A standard sized watermelon costs me $8.99. 2 T-Bone steaks? $28+ dollars. Those aren't even organic, although the beef is very good. The closest farmers market is 2 hours of driving from here and the prices don't get any better for us. $4.50 for a pound of lean ground beef is out of my price range, no matter how I crunch the numbers.

    Beyond that, everyone in the family is on board with the idea. Today, supper was steak with a really good garden salad. Strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. Everyone loved it, were filled up and felt great.

    The physical side of it is far easier. We are all very active and with cutting our own firewood, gardening and doing a lot of things on our little 1/4 acre piece of land, we cover a wide range of exercises. At least one of my kids is into parkour as well.

    So...that's me, my life and all that. Questions? Just ask!

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    The standard recommendation is go with conventional meats. No need for lean. Fatter is better. Try "offal" meats. Search on budget for more suggestions.
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      Hello, Hedonist.
      Organ meats, odd cuts, sales...I do it all. Most of my shopping is actually done at a restaurant supply store because of the number of people I have to feed each day. It works out cheaper to buy a case of something there than multiple packs at a regular grocery store.
      As for offal, we go through tongue, kidney, heart, liver. Believe it or not, beef is cheaper than chicken or pork when comparing serving costs.
      I buy regular ground beef, which the farmers market doesn't carry. That was an example of what prices I'm looking at when the suggestion of going to the farmers market comes up. So I buy the large packages which can get me one or two meals. Three if I'm using it where it's just browned, like for tacos. Same with turkeys..I buy them on sale and generally get three meals out of them...soup (homemade broth), roasted and one more where it's sliced up into salad or stirfry.

      Still doesn't change the fact that buying organic is out of my range. Which makes me wonder..does it really make that much difference? I mean..I go into a grocery store and see apples in bags. One is labelled organic, the other isn't. I actually did try once with apples..buying a bag of each. No one in the house could tell the difference between them. Both were washed the same and treated the same. Same with carrots and a few other veggies before I just gave up. If there was a difference, I could see the extra expense being worth it. But we just don't see/taste/feel a difference between them at all.

      I grew up on a farm for seven years, so I know what FRESH food tastes like. That is a huge difference from store bought and even from what I have bought at the farmers market over the years. I remember how good it was. Before then, Mom raised me on traplines in the middle of nowhere..wild meat? I've tried some that people have never considered as a viable food source. There again..I can tell the difference in taste, texture, etc.

      But this whole organic vs. conventional thing just makes me shake my head.


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        The organic movement was stolen by agribusiness.
        Ancestral Health Info - My blog about Primal and the general ancestral health movement. Site just remodeled using HTML5/CSS3 instead of Wordpress.

        My MDA Friday success story - Stubborn Senior's Testimonial