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  • Hello,

    I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

    I am 40

    Not very Primal yet, still trying to adjust. I am strict and can maintain the diet part 100% Monday to Saturday but Sunday I eat more protein than I should and eat a lot of fruit.

    Dairy is awesome but since starting to convert over I now only eat 266 grams of organic yogurt (3.5%MF) a day and no more milk at all. Depending on what I am having on Sunday it may have cheese on it and...

    I have a cup of coffee a day with grass fed butter in it

    Motivation for switching to Primal is I want to see if I can look better and feel good at the same time

    Favorite exercise is pull ups

    Steak is the best Primal food

    Best part of being/attempting Primal is that although I am always hungry I don't have the crazy carb cravings

    Worst part of Primal is the little amount of food and always being hungry